Royal Insider Dishes On Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton’s Alleged Feud

Stephen PondGetty Images

There’s been months of speculation regarding the nature of the relationship between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. In particular, there’s been a media narrative that’s been pushed about the two of them feuding. And today, Glamour published a piece quoting a royal expert, Katie Nicholl, who dished on her take on what’s really going on. According to this insider, the alleged feud is something that made for “tantalizing headlines” but nothing something that’s believable to her.

“I’ve never heard from my sources that there has ever been a feud or a falling-out. I had heard about an upset over the dress fitting for Princess Charlotte.”

However, Katie noted that “I do think there is some truth to there having been some tension—not just between the duchesses but between the dukes, as well.”

“I do know that Meghan and Kate have come to an agreement to get along, to make an effort, to be amiable and warm toward each other in public. They both realize it’s in neither of their interests to have these catfight headlines. It’s not what either of them want.”

Nicholl’s comments are interesting, considering that the agreement to get along was made for public appearances. Whether that holds true in private is something that’s only known to a select few in the inner circle. Most likely the women are respectful of one another, as the expert noted that the women realized from the beginning that they were different types of women.

The expert also noted that Prince Harry had wished for Meghan and Kate to form a close friendship. After all, that would be ideal, since they are all close family members. Plus, Middleton is known to have a close relationship with Harry, even setting him up on dates before Meghan came along.

For now, it appears that the two women are getting along just fine. At the same time, there’s always some sort of rumors that circulate online about the two women feuding. And while everything can seem a bit confusing, it does appear that everyone can agree that both Meghan and Kate have different personalities.

It doesn’t help that there’s also rumors of Prince William and Harry not getting along from time to time. Such rumors were published by Fox News a couple of weeks ago, as a royal filmmaker named Nick Bullen spilled the beans. He noted that the women feuding is a “sexier” story, while he believes the real problem is between the brothers.