Colton Underwood And Cassie Randolph Reportedly Say Timing Just Isn’t Right To Move In Together

Astrid Stawiarz Getty Images

As The Inquisitr reported, The Bachelor Season 23 winner Cassie Randolph is packing her things and heading to Los Angeles, which is where her boyfriend Colton Underwood lives. But although she won’t be moving in with him just yet, Life & Style reports that the decision isn’t a sign of trouble — the two just want to wait for the right time.

“Colton and Cassie have made the mutual decision that the timing just isn’t right to live together at the moment,” an insider said.

“They’re waiting to see if their feelings continue to grow to marriage-level commitment. She really does want to see if it will work for them 100 percent, and in order to do that, she realizes she needs to take it at a normal pace.”

Randolph currently lives with her parents in Huntington Beach, California, which is approximately 90 minutes from L.A. by car. But according to the insider, she was planning to move to the area prior to announcing her plans to move on Wednesday — she just wanted to wait for the right time and get herself financially stable.

“Cassie had been planning for a while to move to the Los Angeles area but was waiting for the right time and wanted to save money,” the insider said.

As per People, Randolph is moving into the same building as fellow The Bachelor contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes and jokingly asked if any other Season 23 contestants wanted to join them.

Although Randolph and Underwood remained together after The Bachelor, there has yet to be a wedding proposal, However, they claim that they are planning to tie the knot in the future.

Underwood just recently moved to Los Angeles from Denver in order to be closer to Randolph. The former NFL player claims that they are going to live together once their relationship moves further. Apparently, he plans to purchase a house with his speech pathologist girlfriend in Huntington Beach sometime in the next year. However, Underwood said that the couple will only be moving in when they are engaged or married and that they are taking the step very seriously.

In related news, former bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is moving in with fiancé Bryan Abasolo. The couple is leaving Dallas and moving to Miami. According to Abasolo, the pair are moving ahead of their wedding in August to accommodate their careers — Abasolo’s network is in Miami and Lindsay’s schedule is flexible due to her new career in sports entertainment.