‘The Bachelor’s’ Cassie Randolph Is Moving To Los Angeles But Won’t Be Living With Colton Underwood

The Bachelor Season 23 winner Cassie Randolph is moving to Los Angeles where her boyfriend, Colton Underwood, lives. But Cassie and Colton won’t be living together just yet. The blond Huntington Beach California native announced on Instagram that her sister will be moving too and that she’ll be living close to Colton and not with him. She also said that she won’t be giving up her home in Huntington Beach as she’ll be interning there in the future. As her bio on ABC notes, Cassie is currently working on her degree in speech pathology.

Based on a video on her Instagram stories, it looks like she had previously been living with her family, as she said that she’d miss being down the hall from them. In her announcement, she also revealed that she’ll be living in the same building as fellow Bachelor Season 23 contestant, Caelynn Miller Keyes.

Cassie and Caelynn became close during their season and were two of the girls singled out by other contestants as not being on the show “for the right reasons.” Multiple contestants hinted to Colton that Cassie, in particular, was not ready to make a lifelong commitment to him. These warnings rang true near the end of the season when Cassie broke up with Colton and left the show. This was after he declared to her that he did not want to be with any of the other girls on the show. In response to her departure, Colton jumped the fence at the hotel in Portugal and announced that he was “done” with being The Bachelor. He later broke up with the two remaining contestants, Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin.

But it seems that all is well at the moment for the two lovebirds. Colton pursued Cassie and agreed to take thing slow with her and it looks like right now that means living in the same city but not in the same apartment.

In an interview with Variety about the dramatic season finale, Colton said that he did what he did because the experience was more than just a show for him.

“In previous seasons, the Bachelor is just supposed to fall back on his plan B,” he said.

“This is my life. And this is somebody who I fell in love with and I cared for deeply and I wasn’t willing to let that walk away without seeing if we could make that work without the cameras.”

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