Lindsey Graham Compares Adam Schiff Collusion Claims To JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theories

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

In a Fox News interview, South Carolina Republican and Trump ally Lindsey Graham compared House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff’s Trump-Russia collusion claims to JFK assassination conspiracy theories, Newsweek reports.

“This whole Oliver Stone approach to the Mueller report by Democrats is getting a bit old,” Graham said on Fox News, referencing director Oliver Stone’s film about the Kennedy assassination, JFK.

Graham then went on to compare Adam Schiff to Jim Garrison, the former New Orleans district attorney best known for his investigations into President Kennedy’s assassination, and for his claims that someone other than Lee Harvey Oswald had shot the Democratic president.

“He is the Jim Garrison figure trying to look for somebody who actually shot President Kennedy,” Graham said of Schiff.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, after nearly two years of intense and wide-ranging investigations into Russian election interference and possible coordination between the Trump campaign and official Moscow, special counsel Robert Mueller submitted his final report to Attorney General William Barr.

Quoting Mueller, Barr wrote in his summary of the report that the “investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

Virtually all prominent Democrats have called on Barr to release the full report as soon as possible, but many are doubling down on collusion and conspiracy claims. House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff remains perhaps the most vocal Democratic proponent of the Trump-Russia theory, which is why he is being targeted by Congressional Republicans and Graham.

Schiff is not only doubling down on collusion claims, but also promising more investigations and wide-ranging legal action, threatening both Barr and Mueller with subpoenas. In a recent interview, Schiff promised to make Mueller and Barr testify before Congress.

Echoing Adam Schiff, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also ripped into Attorney General Barr, calling on him to release the full Mueller report, and describing Barr’s decision to release his own summary of it as “condescending” and “arrogant.”

Lindsey Graham touched on Pelosi’s comments as well during his Fox News interview.

“Do you really believe that Bob [sic] Barr would give us a summary of the key findings and it not be supported by the report? Give me a break,” he said, as quoted by Newsweek.

Graham’s response to Pelosi’s comments holds water, although some will likely describe it as partisan, given that Barr directly quoted the special counsel in his own summary of the report, and neither Mueller nor anyone from his team has pushed back against Barr’s summary.

Furthermore, as CNN reported, Barr has publicly praised Robert Mueller, describing him as a “straight shooter,” which also comes as no surprise given that the two have been close personal friends for over 30 years.