Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’ For Thursday: Dante Freaks Out & Nina Is Ready To Rumble

Craig SjodinABC Press

Thursday’s General Hospital episode led up to eventual heartbreak for Lulu, and also for Oscar Nero’s loved ones. Valentin and Nina are on the warpath once again, but Willow’s decision has made Chase one happy man.

Nina showed up at Kelly’s, where she tried to make amends with Liz. She isn’t having it, but Liz was confused when Nina told her that Willow is leaving Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers coming from Soap Central say that Liz was hoping to talk to the teacher about Aiden.

Willow changed her mind about leaving town after her discussion with Brad about Dawn of Day. She is ready to face Shiloh head on. But is she ready to take on Nina Reeves?

Valentin took Charlotte to see Dante and Lulu. She had a gift for Dante, but he wasn’t home. Valentin discussed getting their daughter into a high achiever’s program, but Lulu was hesitant. She thinks Charlotte is too young for that but would look it over later on. Chase also stopped by, hoping to see Dante. He is anxious to have his partner back.

While Chase is thrilled after he sees Willow tearing up her resignation, Nina and Valentin are not. They are stunned when Willow tells them that she is staying on after all. Nina vows to do something about that.

Kim and Drew confessed to Monica about Oscar’s dim prognosis. She talked to them about preparing Oscar for the end and they discussed palliative care for him. Monica offered for Kim and Oscar to stay at the Quartermaine mansion, but Kim doesn’t think that’s a good idea. They are leaving that up to Oscar. Monica also talked to Drew about his bottled up feelings. She told him that the best thing to do is to treasure the time that he has left with Oscar.

Dante had an episode in front of Carly and Jason at the Metro Court bar. He heard a crash after the bartender dropped something and picked up a knife. Jason grabbed his arm quickly. Dante seemed to be in a trance-like state. After Jason told him to stand down, Dante snapped out of it, profusely apologized, and headed off to call someone.

At General Hospital, Anna summoned Robert to ask him to do some research on Boris Mikhailov’s death. She wants to know if it was indeed her memory or that of her twin sister. Anna left after she got a call from Dante, so Robert took the opportunity to tell Finn that he needs to do some groveling and to fight for Anna, despite how hard it will be to get her to truly let herself fall in love.

Cameron, who is working off his community service, stopped by to see Oscar. After Cam started talking about more road trips, Oscar and Joss told him that Oscar is now at the end stage of his life. Cam is sad, but he followed along with Joss and Oscar to the bakery before he heads to court to face the judge once again.

Dante met with Anna and told her about the incident at the bar. He told her he thinks he’s been brainwashed. Anna admitted that she was brainwashed years ago. Dante told her that Raj used interrogation techniques to prove he was trustworthy. He thinks he was supposed to kill someone. He admitted to Anna about his nightmare of shooting Lulu. He says he isn’t in control and is worried about hurting someone. Anna thinks he needs to get help ASAP.

Dante then went home to talk to Lulu. He told her that he needs to leave her again.

On Friday’s General Hospital, Dante tells his wife that he should have never come home and Sasha tells Nina that she isn’t who she thinks she is.