Patriots Star Patrick Chung Sued Over Super Bowl Trash Talk

Patrick Chung, the Super Bowl-winning New England Patriots safety, is likely to experience a more eventful offseason than what he may have otherwise anticipated. Not only does the football player need surgery to repair his arm, but he also just found out that he is being sued over what many feel is a strange situation.

During the Super Bowl, Chung broke his arm, and now requires offseason surgery. Chung’s surgery will require him to utilize a long recovery period as well, because his shoulder was just recently operated on, according to NBC Sports. During the third quarter of the championship game, Chung’s right forearm suffered a fracture because of a tackle. His arm wound up stuck between his teammate, Jonathan Jones, and the Rams’ Todd Gurley, and the interaction created the injury.

Prior to the fracture, Chung’s arm was already damaged. He had been using a shoulder harness while he played because of the previous injury to his shoulder. After he broke his arm during the Super Bowl, his forearm was put in an air cast while he was still on the field, and trainers helped him off the field. In the locker room, he received X-rays, and wound up wearing an arm sling over his right arm during the rest of the game. When he got to hold the Lombardi Trophy, he had to use his left hand, according to NBC Sports.

While Chung has been preparing for his offseason arm surgery and recovery, a former Los Angeles Rams ticket executive named Matthew Hogan went public with some interesting claims about Chung. According to Hogan, his job fired him after he called the Patriots safety a less-than-kind name. Now that he has been released from his job, Hogan claims nobody will hire him, according to TMZ.

Hogan says he is an old college friend of Matthew Weymouth, the person who runs Chung’s social media pages. Prior to the Super Bowl game, Hogan and Weymouth were texting about the game and talking trash to each other about the two opposing teams using their cell phones. When Chung fractured his arm during the game, Hogan sent Weymouth a joking message calling Chung an insulting name, and that infuriated Weymouth.

Weymouth then came back at his old friend with a bevy of threats and a lot of profanity. Then, Weymouth took screenshots of their text exchange and posted it on Chung’s Instagram and Facebook pages so it looked like Hogan directly attacked Chung. Now that he lost his job and can’t find a new one, Hogan filed a lawsuit against Chung, Weymouth, and a few others for more than $1.75 million, according to TMZ.