‘RHOBH’ Star Lisa Vanderpump Slams Dorit Kemsley On Twitter Over Dog Drama: ‘She Didn’t Know Her Name’

Tommy GarciaBravo

Lisa Vanderpump wants viewers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to know that the woman Dorit Kemsley gave her adopted dog to was not a close friend of her co-star.

On Twitter after the latest episode of Season 9 aired, Vanderpump reacted to statements made by comedian Paul Scheer, who appeared alongside Erika Jayne on Tuesday’s Watch What Happens Live and discussed the ongoing doggy drama of the show.

“He thinks it was a close friend [Paul Scheer] clearly doesn’t pay attention.. As she didn’t know her name,” Vanderpump tweeted.

After Vanderpump’s tweet was shared, her fans and followers began weighing in on her revelation by pointing out that Kemsley had also given the animal to another person after the first woman reportedly had some sort of family emergency and could no longer care for the pup.

As for why Kemsley couldn’t keep the pup herself, she told Vanderpump that it was nipping at her kids and also bit her husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley, in the face.

“Also Dorit keeps saying Lucy went to a ‘wonderful home’ but 1. She didn’t even know the woman’s name so how would she know her home was wonderful and 2. it obviously wasn’t wonderful if the woman was capable of immediately dumping the dog,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another person said that Kemsley had previously claimed to have given the animal to an “honest woman” and said she and PK received photos and videos of how happy the dog was with her.

Vanderpump and Kemsley started off the ninth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as friends and at one point early on, they were seen meeting one another at a restaurant to discuss what had happened with her dog.

During their chat, Kemsley explained her decision to give the animal away and Vanderpump appeared to completely understand why she did what she did. Then, as the season continued, it appeared that Vanderpump was far more upset than she led on and had potentially set up Teddi Mellencamp to bring up the issue to the other women, thus causing the scandal that has become known as Puppy Gate.

As fans have seen, Vanderpump allegedly set up the drama through her Vanderpump Dogs employee, John Blizzard.

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