Andrew Austin’s ‘Starts And Fits’ Offers Listeners A New Sound

Andrew Austin’s new album, Starts and Fits, features a few of the singer’s hometown Sarnia connections. While Austin is now based in Toronto, the singer and songwriter teamed up to co-write a song with one of his longtime friends, fellow Northern Collegiate graduate Donovan Woods. A different song included on Austin’s Starts and Fits album featured another longtime pal of the singer as a co-writer, Camlachie’s Emm Gryner.

Austin recruited several people he’s been familiar with for many years to put his new album together, and one of those people offered him a connection to the producer Austin worked with for Starts and Fits, James Bunton. Bunton produced several records for Woods, including his album Both Ways. Woods’ Both Ways was recently awarded a contemporary folk album Juno in Canada.

Initially, Bunton was not Austin’s first choice as producer for his new album. Bunton is traditionally associated in the industry as a producer of folk music. While Austin was working on Starts and Fits, he wasn’t forcing the songs to sound like folk music. So, Austin’s follow-up album to 2013’s While It’s Still Light Out, Austin’s debut, was not originally working out to be a folk record.

However, after being promised that Bunton was the right man for the job, he decided to give Bunton the opportunity to impress. Austin talked to Bunton and that discussion was enough for Austin to realize Bunton’s talents. After the conversation, Austin picked Bunton to produce Starts and Fits.

“This is definitely the guy I want to hang out with for a couple of months and make a record,” Austin said after his conversation with Bunton, according to The Observer.

Austin’s musical experience dates back to his high school years in Sarnia. The musician got his start in a Beatles tribute band as a teenager. After that, he was Andy Kim’s band leader. Austin also was a contestant on Canadian Idol during Carly Rae Jepsen’s season. The singer and songwriter occasionally writes and performs music for commercials.

One memorable jingle Austin composed for Tim Hortons is the Time for Tim’s song, which he also performed. He also worked for the Family Channel series Backstage as the music director for two seasons, and his workday was often completed in 18-hour shifts, according to The Observer.

After recording music for other people and companies for so long, Austin realized he had a few songs leftover, and he decided to use those songs to create his own album. Finally, Austin did just that and dropped his debut album in 2013, While It’s Still Light Out. Now he is realizing his second album, Starts and Fits, and the success continues to roll in for him.