Rebel Wilson Flaunts Striking 40-Pound Weight Loss At Musical Premiere

Amy SussmanGetty Images

Rebel Wilson is definitely not playing around when it comes to her determination to shed off some serious weight.

The actress made a recent public appearance on the red carpet at the premiere of Muriel’s Wedding: The Musical in Melbourne, Australia, last Saturday, and she made sure to show off the results of the effort she puts in during her workout sessions with celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. Rebel has reportedly lost over 40 pounds in the past few months, according to Hollywood Life, and she flaunted her new body in a chic, figure-hugging black dress that highlighted her slimmer figure.

The Australian star appears to have recovered from her incident on the mountain slopes of Aspen, Colorado, during a skiing trip. She reported the whole thing in her Instagram stories, describing how she had lost feeling in one of her legs and become lost.

“Alright, guys. I’m lost on the mountain, but I’m going to make it… This is a bit too experienced for me, so I’m just gonna slide down,” she said.

She then panned over to her ex-boyfriend, Mickey Gooch Jr., adding that he had come to her rescue.

“This is Mickey Gooch. You may have heard of him in Aspen and around the world Micks is going to get me down this hill. It’s a very big hill today, but we’re going to attempt it.”

Eventually, she actually had to be rescued by experts, telling her followers that she managed to get to the hotel safely and thanking all of the people on the slopes who helped her out as it was only her second time skiing.

“I lost feeling in my left foot. I think it was the ski boot. I think it was too tight. I think maybe I need to buy professional ski boots or something,” she joked.

The actress appears to be at a happy time of her life following the success of her recent film, Isn’t It Romantic, which also stars Adam DeVine, Priyanka Chopra, and Liam Hemsworth. Still, she caught a bit of flack after appearing on Ellen, as reported by Hollywood Life, where she said she was the “first ever plus-size girl” to star in a romantic comedy. Internet users did not let that slip, pointing out Queen Latifah’s roles in Just Wright and The Last Holiday.

Rebel ended up responding that she knew of those films, but that there were two factors to take into consideration.

“It was questionable as to whether: 1. Technically those actresses were plus size when filming those movies or 2. Technically those films are categorized/billed as a studio rom-com with a sole lead. So there’s a slight grey area,” she said.

Eventually, she ended up sort of apologizing and reinforcing that she is a big advocate for plus-size women and that she never meant to “disrespect anyone.”