Elisa Lam Video Is Bizarre, Body Found Turned Hotel Water ‘Black,’ Guests Say

Video footage of Elisa Lam in the last moments she was known to be alive have been circulating the web, and it has also been reported that the Canadian woman’s body posed a significant and horrifying health threat to hotel guests as Lam lay undiscovered in a rooftop water tank.

Elisa Lam’s death was only discovered this week, but the Canadian disappeared at the end of January, likely the time her body came to be in the water tank at the Los Angeles hotel.

In the wake of the gruesome discovery, an Elisa Lam video from CCTV has been circulated, but the clip is the quintessential “raising more questions than answers” bit of evidence, as the young woman presses buttons in a lift that won’t close before stepping out and silently (there is no sound) gesturing dramatically with her hands before stepping off screen.

Elisa Lam was never seen alive again. But this week, her decomposing corpse was found in the tank, and along with it, a grim realization — guests at the hotel had been bathing, drinking and brushing their teeth with water from the tank turned tomb.

As the discovery of Lam’s remains was reported, many were horrified to learn of it — and in turn, reported some upsetting observations in the weeks leading up to the finding.

Gawker quotes British hotel guest Sabrina Baugh, who says:

“The water did have a funny taste … We never thought anything of it. We thought it was just the way it was here … The shower was awful. When you turned the tap on, the water was coming black first for two seconds and then it was going back to normal.

Body Found Inside Hotel Water Tank

Baugh’s spouse Michael said the discovery of Elisa Lam’s corpse in the hotel water supply was incredibly upsetting, and adds that the couple are distressed by the finding:

“The moment we found out, we felt a bit sick to the stomach, quite literally, especially having drank the water, we’re not well mentally.”

After Elisa Lam’s body was discovered and the contamination of the water tank revealed, 11 of the hotel guests opted to stay on in the building — and reportedly were “required to sign a waiver in which they acknowledged being informed of the health risks and were being provided bottled water.”