Paula Broadwell Loses Army Promotion, Military Clearance Still Revoked

Paula Broadwell, the one-time mistress of CIA Director David Petraeus, has had her Army promotion revoked, according to an official at the US Department of Defense.

Broadwell was approved for a promotion last August. The promotion moved Paula from a major in the Army reserves to a lieutenant colonel.

The Defense Department official who asked not to be named refused to explain the sensitive nature of the situation.

Paula Broadwell’s promotion was revoked in early February.

News of Broadwell’s promotion revocation shouldn’t come as a surprise. She has been under Army investigation since it was discovered she kept classified military documents in her home. While some documents can leave a military base, Broadwell never received permission to store those files in her home.

Under Army guidelines, if “new information comes to light” within six months of a promotion, said promotion can be revoked.

Because carrying the documents falls into that “new information” category and can have direct consequences on a person’s military standing, Broadwell’s promotion to lieutenant colonel was revoked.

If the charges against Paula Broadwell do not hold up, she could be handed her promotion as promised.

Broadwell has still not had her military clearance reinstated. The Army has not said whether or not that lack of reinstatement is a direct result of their investigations findings.

The former mistress to David Petraeus was originally marked for a promotion on August 28, 2012.

Do you think given her inappropriate and secret relationship with David Petraeus that Paula Broadwell should lose her Army promotion?

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