Hollywood Praises High School Play of ‘Alien’ That Went Viral

Hollywood has heaps of praise for a high school production of the 1979 movie Alien that has gone viral, reports CNN.

Students from New Jersey’s North Bergen High School drama club got creative for their theater interpretation Alien: The Play, which included elaborate props made out of recycled materials.

The science fiction and horror classic centers around a spaceship that is invaded by the dangerous eponymous alien.

Twitter user Paul Owens posted pictures of the impressive staging, which showed students wearing spacesuits and depicted rocky planets and mysterious ruins.

According to NJ.com, one scene has smoke blowing across the stage as terrifying noises emanate from above. Then, the only astronaut is suddenly yanked offstage.

The play debuted March 19, with the students performing a second show the next night. The play went viral after photos and video from the performance was posted to social media.

The students even created a trailer for the play that was uploaded to YouTube.

As an adaptation of a famous film, the noteworthy performance was noticed by quite a few in Hollywood, including comedian Paul Scheer.

Glitch CEO Anil Dash posted a photo of the production’s impressive Xenomorph costume.

The official Alien movie Twitter account even voiced its approval of the high school’s version of the film. “We are impressed! 40 years and still going strong…” the account wrote in response to the very creative feat.

What makes the production all the more impressive is the manner in which the entire performance came together.

“This is going to sound really funny but [the set crew used] garbage essentially. Just anything that was lying around like cardboard and metal,” senior student Justin Pierson, who worked on the play’s sound crew, told NJ.com.

Pierson also said that the students involved in executing the theatrical production were exceptionally hard workers.

Art teacher Steven Defendini was apparently the brainchild behind the set design. The show’s crew had been working since September to put the dramatic piece together.

Drama teacher Perfecto Cuervo said he was overwhelmed by the positive feedback on social media.

Some have asked the high school to do extra shows, but the school club may not be able to fund it.

“We fundraise for ourselves,” Cuervo said. “The community doesn’t have a lot of money. I don’t think we can afford another production unless someone is willing to pick up the tab.”

With all of the recent attention, these inspirational students may find a benefactor very soon.

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