June 29, 2017
Adam 'The Ferg' Bartley Charged With DUI -- B.A.C. Just A Tad Over The Legal Limit

Adam Bartley isn't a sheriff's deputy, but he plays one on TV. Now the real-life law has come knocking on his door -- the Longmire actor was reportedly charged with DUI late last month.

TMZ reported that Bartley blew a .09 blood alcohol level, just enough above the legal limit to be considered too intoxicated to drive in the state of New Mexico.

Bartley was in the area filming the series' fourth season; he plays Deputy Ferguson or "the Ferg."

Police allege that Adam was driving his 1993 Dodge pickup without a seat belt. The Spreadit also noted that the actor was caught being reckless behind the wheel.

Cops claim they smelled alcohol on Bartley's breath when they pulled him over, the National Ledger added. He didn't last very long under interrogation, apparently admitting pretty quickly that he'd had a few.

He was asked to perform the standard field sobriety tests, which he "performed poorly," TMZ wrote, then spent a bit of time in a real jail. He was released after posting $2,500 bond, the Associated Press added. He was charged with both DUI and careless driving.

His attorney, John Day, didn't comment on the DUI arrest, and there weren't a whole lot of details available about the incident.

As for the show that made him noteworthy enough for his run-in with the law to make headlines, it has recently gotten attention for its switch to Netflix.

The show, which ran on A&E for three seasons, is set in Wyoming but is filled in Santa Fe; Adam's alleged incident took place in that area.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Netflix picked up the series to the delight of fans. Filming is apparently underway -- he was in New Mexico for that purpose, according to Spreadit -- and may be released in the fall.

When the announcement came down that Longmire was getting another home, he seemed excited about the change.

"Netflix is the future of television. It's the future of how we get our entertainment," he said.

[Photo Courtesy Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images]