Former NFL Player Johnny Manziel’s Wife, Bre Tiesi, Breaks Silence On Their Split

Vaughn Ridley Getty Images

Johnny Manziel, the former NFL quarterback who recently joined the Alliance of American Football league, and his wife of one year, model Bre Tiesi, seem to be showing plenty of signs that their relationship is disintegrating. For a few days now, there have been rumors that the pair is heading for a split, mostly because the 27-year-old model deleted her husband from her Instagram on March 21, along with all pictures and posts that had anything to do with him. Tiesi also removed her married last name, “Manziel,” from her name on her account. Shortly after that, Manziel appears to have deactivated his Instagram account, according to The Spun.

Manziel and Tiesi became an item at the end of 2016. By March 2017, they were engaged and planning to walk down the aisle together. A year later, in March 2018, the two had a private wedding at a California courthouse.

Manziel is a former National Football League player and was a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. The Browns wound up releasing Manziel because of his controversial private life. Manziel admitted at one point he had spent too much time partying, and that hurt his NFL career. On March 16, Manziel signed on to become a part of the Alliance of American Football League. After being rejected by a few other teams in the new football league, Manziel joined the Memphis Express, according to Us Weekly.

While Manziel’s life has been plagued with controversy, Tiesi has also found herself with some contentious issues. Tiesi participated in Temecula, California’s Run Like a Diva half marathon back in February of this year and was accused of cheating. Tiesi says she never cheated during the event.

Now Tiesi is the only remaining individual of the pair who is still active on Instagram, and it was only a matter of time before somebody asked her what was going on with all of her recent deletions related to Manziel. Tiesi’s responses to the questions imply that the couple is most likely on the path towards a divorce.

“U been married? U been betrayed? I don’t do betrayal for a person I was devoted to period. Vows were broken…” Tiesi said in one of her Instagram responses, according to TMZ.

Also, Tiesi made it clear in a defensive post that she is leaving the ex-NFL player. One thing is for sure, Tiesi is not happy with those implying any of it has anything to do with money.

“Maybe u should wonder why I would leave him instead of worrying about ‘money’ lucky for him I don’t air out personals and lucky for u you are behind a screen u low life,” Tiesi said in a different Instagram response, according to TMZ.