Rachel Maddow Denies Crying During Segment About Mueller Report

Damir Mujezinovic

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian election interference and possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Moscow is officially over. On Friday, as The Inquisitr reported, Mueller submitted his much-anticipated final report to Attorney General William Barr, officially putting an end to his probe.

The Russia probe failed to produce the desired results, it seems, given that Justice Department officials have stated that Mueller has no sealed indictments, and that he does not recommend further indictments. Those hoping that Trump, or at least those close to him, would end up behind bars were therefore left disappointed.

Furthermore, since no American citizen has been indicted for conspiring with the Russian government, the core of Mueller's investigation has come into question. The Democratic Party is urging that Barr release Mueller's report in its entirety, and are announcing more investigations into President Trump.

Conservative media and the president's allies and supporters are celebrating the fact that Mueller has wrapped up his investigation. Liberal media and supporters of the Democratic Party, on the other hand, appear distressed and upset that Mueller has failed to deliver, at least according to right-leaning publications.

The Daily Caller reported, for instance, that popular MSNBC host Rachel Maddow "kept it together on Friday night, but just barely," during the opening segment of her show.

"A couple of hours ago, or maybe even less than that, I was standing knee-deep in a trout stream in Tennessee. But now it's Mueller time! And so I'm in a studio in the great state of Tennessee," she said while announcing news of Mueller submitting his final report -- holding back tears, according to outlets such as the Daily Caller.

But Maddow was not on the verge of tears, she stated in a Twitter message, ridiculing the allegations.

"LOL -- the Russia Today and conservative media news this morning that I **wept** -- I cried and cried -- through the show last night. LOLololol."