Breckin Meyer Posted A ‘Clueless’ Reunion Picture And Fans Think Cast Members Haven’t Aged A Day Since 1996

The movie Clueless was released 23 years ago, but it appears that the iconic movie’s cast members may have found a fountain of youth somewhere during that time.

On Saturday, actor Breckin Meyer took to Instagram to post a picture with fellow cast members Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd, and Donald Faison, as they were all together for an appearance at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. The photo was an instant hit with fans, who were hit with a rush of nostalgia for the ’90s comedy.

Many noted how the four actors seem not to have aged at all during the last 23 years.

“You have all aged so well!!!” one person wrote.

The actors appeared in a panel discussion on Saturday, one of the marquee events of the expo. Castmates told the Chicago Tribune that it was the right place and the right time for them to get back together and share memories of their work on the movie that became a cultural touch-point of the 1990s.

Faison told the outlet that he believes the movie was ahead of its time and credited director Amy Heckerling with “seeing the future.” There has been some fan support for a redux of the movie, but Faison said he wasn’t thrilled with the idea of a new version and said he thinks that Clueless was “perfect as is.”

The actor, who went on to star in the television show Scrubs, also credited Clueless with kick-starting his career.

“I don’t know where I would be as an actor,” he said.

“Thank God there was a Clueless so I don’t have to ever wonder.”

Faison also shared a bit of background on the role, noting that actors Dave Chappelle and Terrence Howard were also in consideration for the part and said he thinks either would have done a great job.

“I’m a huge fan of both of those guys. And if one of them had gotten the part, then yeah, the movie would have been different and I would have never made it to Hollywood!!”

The picture Breckin Meyer shared on Saturday also got many fans hoping for a more proper Clueless reunion sometime in the near future, with many wondering where their characters would be today. There doesn’t appear to be any plans for a true follow-up to the mini-reunion this weekend, but there would certainly seem to be enough support if something were to come together.

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