Will Smith’s Brother-In-Law Arrested On Drug Charges

Will Smith Brother-In-Law

Will Smith’s brother-in-law, Dee Lawrence Downs, has been arrested on federal drugs charges after he was reportedly caught with more than five kilograms of cocaine.

Downs, who is married to Smith’s younger sister Ellen, was arrested on January 17, and then charged with attempted possession and intent to distribute the substance.

It has been rumored that Downs was the victim of a sting operation by undercover DEA police agents who posed as drug traffickers. He is believed to have traveled from Philadelphia to Miami back in January when he was arrested.

Star Magazine have reported that the trip was designed to negotiate the purchase of cocaine from a noted cocaine supplier. Downs the reportedly stated that he had the contact in Philadelphia to move the product quickly and in large amounts too.

Downs then began to negotiate the purchase of the product. He was ultimately arrested in a hotel car park after he presented an undercover officer with a black bag filled with United States currency.

Downs is now being held at Philadelphia’s Federal Detention Centre and is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing in the next few weeks.

A source told Star, “This has got to be incredibly embarrassing for Will and his family. It’s the first time they’ve been touched by a scandal. He and his siblings have led exemplary lives, but he can’t control what other people do.”

Downs does have previous drugs charges to his name though, have been arrested in 1992 for similar offences, for which he served 29 months in a federal penitentiary.