Will Donald Trump Jr. Be Indicted? Robert Mueller’s Team May Have Dropped Hint Ahead Of Report’s Release

Mark WilsonGetty Images

For months, reports had indicated that Donald Trump Jr.’s indictment was inevitable and that even Trump Jr. himself was worrying to friends and family about potentially going to jail.

Now, with the reported release of Robert Mueller’s final report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential, there may be signs about whether the eldest son of President Donald Trump will face the long arm of the law. As ABC News reported, the report had been completed and handed to the Justice Department for Attorney General William Barr’s review.

One of the most-anticipated aspects of the final Mueller report would be whether Donald Trump Jr. would face indictment for his role in the now-infamous Trump Tower meeting in 2016, when he and other Trump campaign officials met with a Kremlin-connected lawyer offering to share dirt on Hillary Clinton stolen by the Russian government. Reports since then claimed that Trump Jr. may have lied to Congress about his role in the meeting, which would leave him open to federal charges.

But Mueller may have already given signs that Donald Trump Jr. will not be indicted. ABC News reported that no more indictments were expected with the release of the final report, and reporters have noted that Trump Jr. himself has been active in discussing the contents of the report — even acting “cocky,” in the words of MSNBC contributor Jill Wine-Banks.


That seems to run counter to earlier reports that even Trump Jr. himself believed an indictment was inevitable. As Vanity Fair reported, Donald Trump’s son had confided to friends that he worried about being indicted.

It was not clear yet how comprehensive the final report might be. As CBS News noted, Mueller was not charged with writing a full report on Russia interference that would be similar to the 9/11 Report, and instead could submit only a summary or a listing of recommendations about who is recommended for indictment. In the wake of the report being submitted to Barr on Friday, Democratic leaders in Congress have already called for the report to be released in full, though it was not clear when that might happen.

And while it is not clear when, or if, the full Mueller report will be made public, but early reports have not given any indication whether Donald Trump Jr. will be indicted. There was also no indication whether the report concluded that Trump himself colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential election.