‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Sonny Catches Up, Willow Blasts Shiloh, And Kevin’s Out Cold

It’s been a wild week in Port Charles, and General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s show signal that viewers have a lot to look forward to in this next episode. Willow has to face Shiloh, Dante and Sonny are returning to Port Charles, and Kevin is facing the consequences of covering up Ryan’s initial return to town. Where are things headed next?

The sneak peek shared via Twitter for the March 22 show suggest that Sonny will be stunned when he reunites with Carly and is brought up to speed on everything he missed while he was in Turkey. When Sonny left Port Charles, it had seemed that Franco was the one who had attacked Lulu and harmed the others.

General Hospital spoilers share that Carly will fill her husband in on the fact it was Ryan who was responsible, and she’ll detail how he’d kidnapped her. Of course, Sonny will be relieved that Jason rescued Carly and that the baby is fine, but he’ll surely be rattled by how dire things were for a time.

Fans now know for certain that Shiloh and Willow were previously connected and that she’s terrified of him. She was desperate to leave Port Charles before he could find her, but she wasn’t fast enough. He showed up at school to talk with her, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that this will be intense.

Willow may be terrified of Shiloh, but she won’t cower when he surprises her. General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll threaten to turn what he’s previously done against him, but it doesn’t look like he’ll feel terribly threatened.

As The Inquisitr has shared, Chase will seemingly come at just the right time to keep things from getting any more intense between Willow and Shiloh. While Shiloh has been anxious to find her, he seemingly didn’t know about the pregnancy. She will soon fill Chase in on more about her past, but Shiloh will remain a threat for now.

Friday’s show will also be Griffin’s last day in Port Charles. The Inquisitr shared that actor Matt Cohen is leaving the show for now, but it’s possible he could return in some way down the road.

Viewers are speculating that he’ll be the one who knocks out Kevin before he leaves town, though of course, he’s not the only one who’s furious with the doctor. However, She Knows Soaps teases that Griffin will find a way to let out his anger, and taking it out on Kevin would seem a likely path here.

Previews detail that Jordan, Margaux, and Laura will all be talking about Kevin during Friday’s show, too. Ava will remain in rough shape, but General Hospital spoilers note that she’ll be talking to someone about how she is protecting that person. Elsewhere, Brad will be rattled and Julian will be asking some questions.

Sam is determined to expose Shiloh to save Kristina, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that she may not be able to maintain an upper hand in this situation for long. She’ll talk with Jason again about this sensitive situation, and the coming week will be intense as this storyline moves forward.

Dante will seemingly arrive home to reunite with Lulu, but he’ll have her scared as she thinks someone is breaking into the home. Sadly, General Hospital spoilers point toward this being a short-lived and complicated reunion, as Dante will soon leave town again.

Viewers have a lot to look forward to with Friday’s show, and General Hospital spoilers hint that the coming week will be a wild one, too. Stay tuned for additional teasers heading into the next few shows and don’t miss the complicated conversations on the way with this March 22 episode.

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