Matt Cohen’s ‘General Hospital’ Departure Confirmed, Actor Talks About Decision To End Run As Griffin Munro

Rumors have been swirling for a month or so that actor Matt Cohen was leaving General Hospital and the role of Dr. Griffin Munro. Until now, that hadn’t been confirmed by either Cohen or the show, but that changed Thursday afternoon. Luckily, it seems the door might be open for Griffin to appear again down the road.

As The Inquisitr shared a while back, buzz had built indicating that Cohen had chosen to leave General Hospital. Fans had seen promise in the romance between Griffin and Kiki, but then actress Hayley Erin left to take on a role on The Perfectionists, and that pushed the hottie doctor back to the starting block in terms of a romantic storyline.

Many General Hospital viewers would say that Cohen has never been fully utilized by the writers. He was brought on in the wake of Jason Thompson’s departure, with his character of Dr. Patrick Drake heading to California with Robin. Fans buzzed over potential romantic partners for Griffin, but the character was never necessarily given the right storyline.

Now Cohen is opening up to TV Insider about his decision to leave General Hospital. Griffin’s last day in Port Charles, at least for now, will be seen on Friday, March 22. Luckily, Matt says that the departure is a friendly one, and the character will be written out in a way that the actor could return at some point.

What is Cohen doing next? He says that he’s working on some directing projects, with his new project, Mama Bear, getting some great buzz at festivals right now. This project is a short that stars his wife, Mandy Musgrave, who used to play Chelsea on Days of Our Lives. He said he hopes to direct some full-length features in the future.

It may be hard to believe, but Cohen has played Dr. Munro for three years now. He says he had a great time, but he came to believe that the character needed a bit of a rest. He approached executive producer Frank Valentini about leaving, and he says there’s always the possibility he’ll come back at some later point.

“I’ll be back either as a premonition, a return, in a dream, or a flashback. Who knows? But I will touch my feet on the GH set again. There’s too much love there for that not to happen.”

Fans have been speculating that perhaps Cohen could now reprise his role as John Winchester on Supernatural. At this point, it sounds as if Cohen would be open to it if the scheduling worked, but he doesn’t know whether it’ll happen.

Cohen gave a shout-out to the fans and praised the General Hospital cast and crew. The actor’s exit doesn’t come as a complete surprise, given how little Griffin has been seen over the past few months. However, spoilers suggest that he might go out with a bit of a bang.

The weekly spoiler preview shared that someone would deck Kevin as he was walking and it looks like it may be Griffin who does it. As Thursday’s show played out, Munro overheard talk of how Kevin had known Ryan was alive and didn’t turn him over to the authorities.

Obviously, had Kevin not kept the news about Ryan to himself, Kiki would still be alive. Given that, it seems logical to think that Griffin may try to get some revenge before seemingly walking away from his life in Port Charles.

The Inquisitr shared earlier details that Cohen’s stint as Munro would wrap up this week. Some outlets had said that Thursday’s episode would be his last, but, apparently, he will pop up during Friday’s show and that’ll be the end for now.

Matt Cohen’s General Hospital exit is the latest in a string of young, male actors moving on to other projects. Ryan Paevey left and they got rid of his character of Nathan West, and then Dominic Zamprogna followed suit.

Zamprogna is back right now as Dante Falconeri, but he’s only back for a short 10-episode run. Will General Hospital writers come up with compelling storylines to keep their other young, male actors engaged and interested in sticking around? Fans certainly hope so, and they are wishing Cohen plenty of success as he moves on to new projects.

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