‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Shiloh Confronts Willow & She Confesses To Chase As Baby Speculation Is Confirmed

General Hospital spoilers have been laying the groundwork for a big revelation about Willow’s previous pregnancy, and now the truth is finally emerging. For a while now, fans have been speculating about who she had been in a relationship with when she got pregnant, and in recent days, it’s looked as if Shiloh was that man. New teasers reveal some juicy tidbits about where this heads next.

During Wednesday’s show, viewers watched as Willow panicked over learning that Shiloh was in Port Charles. As The Inquisitr shared, during Thursday’s episode she will make rushed preparations to try to leave town before Shiloh can find her.

While Willow will work on this exit plan as quickly as she can, General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps reveal that she won’t be fast enough. In the days ahead, viewers will see Shiloh find Willow and insist on talking with her.

Fans will soon see confirmation that Shiloh is the birth father of the original Wiley, Willow’s son she placed for adoption. Shiloh will surprise Willow by paying her a visit, and it sounds as if this may happen during Friday’s show.

Luckily, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Chase seemingly will appear just in the nick of time. Shiloh apparently won’t know about the pregnancy at all, but viewers have seen he has been anxious to track Willow down.

As this moves forward, Willow will open up to Chase and fill him in on these complicated bits of her past. General Hospital spoilers detail that she will tell Chase that she had been a member of Dawn of Day and Shiloh had seduced her.

It sounds as if Willow ran once she found out she was pregnant, and she was desperate to keep Shiloh from finding her or finding out about the baby. Now that Shiloh has found her, she’ll remain intent on running from Port Charles.

Will Chase be able to help Willow once he learns the truth about Shiloh? Michael has already voiced concerns about the DOD leader to the detective, and General Hospital spoilers hint that others in town will also be intent on bringing Shiloh down.

Before that happens, however, Kristina will continue to fall under Shiloh’s spell even further. He’s pressed her to reveal a secret nobody else knows so she can gain access to the core of the organization, and General Hospital spoilers tease that she’ll betray her mother Alexis in the process of doing this.

A lot of this will carry over into the week of March 25, teases Soap Central, and General Hospital spoilers hint that there may be a death coming before all of this is resolved. Jason and Sam are intent on figuring out what the Dawn of Day leader is up to, and fans speculate that Sonny’s impending return to Port Charles may be bad news for Shiloh.

Will Shiloh find out about Willow’s pregnancy and will that lead to trouble for Brad? Of course, fans know that the current “Wiley” isn’t Willow’s son and is really Michael’s son Jonah. Could Willow’s fear of Shiloh pave the way for Michael to finally be reunited with his son?

Fans have plenty of theories about where this all heads next, and General Hospital spoilers should reveal additional tidbits soon. Some of this will play out during Thursday’s episode with twists and turns shaking things up over the next week or two.

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