Florida Man Arrested After Altercation Over Egg Rolls

Gustavo CaballeroGetty Images

There has been a lot of buzz this week over the prevalence of “Florida Man” news stories, largely thanks to a social media challenge that has gone viral. As individuals look up their own comical headlines, a new “Florida Man” arrest report has emerged. In this case, an altercation over eating egg rolls paved the way to one man’s arrest.

WEARTV shared that Keith Johnson of Milton, Florida, was arrested earlier this week after he got physical with a woman who would not let him into her house to eat some egg rolls. While the connection between Johnson and the woman involved was not detailed, it seems that they were tied to one another in a relationship of some sort.

Reports detail that Johnson, 44, was intoxicated when he got aggressive in wanting to enter the woman’s home to eat egg rolls. She apparently told Johnson that she did not want him in the home. Once she shut the door, he repeatedly rang the doorbell.

As the confrontation continued, the woman told Johnson she would put the egg rolls outside, near the car. However, the situation intensified — and the Florida man allegedly shoved the woman in the doorway of the home. He later told authorities that she had slapped him, as well.


After authorities were called to the home, Johnson was arrested. He is now facing a battery charge. He was transported to the Santa Rosa County Jail, and as of the initial report, he was being held on a bond of $500.

As The Inquisitr recently detailed, the internet went wild earlier this week over a social media trend that had people cracking up online. People went to Google to search “Florida Man” along with their birth date, and then shared the headline that popped up with others.

While odd and buzzworthy crimes happen all over the nation, it has become a common joke to see Florida seemingly pop up as a frequent location for the oddest of stories. The Inquisitr explained that this may be, in part, due to the Government in Sunshine Act. This act makes information on odd crimes easily accessible to the media, especially in comparison to many other states.

Those who love to follow unique “Florida Man” stories would likely love to learn a bit more about this Milton incident involving Keith Johnson — and his drunken desire for some egg rolls. Unfortunately, little else about the altercation has emerged at this point.