Dog The Bounty Hunter's Wife Beth Chapman Shares Touching Story Of Encounter With Fan

Kelly Butler

Beth Chapman has been reminded of the "huge responsibility" of being famous. The Dog and Beth: On The Hunt starlet shared that while waiting for her husband, Duane "Dog" Chapman, to finish a podcast, she sat in a little restaurant and her waitress recognized her as part of the popular bounty-hunting couple. The two shared a touching moment, and Chapman shared the tale of their meeting on Facebook.

Chapman revealed that she's in Boca Raton, likely taping the new, upcoming series Dog's Most Wanted that will be premiering sometime soon on WGN. Dog and Beth have been traveling through the South, most recently nabbing a bad guy wanted for skipping out on his bail in Alabama. Chapman said she nestled into Josephine's Restaurant to enjoy a quiet meal and a martini, and when her waitress ran her credit card, she came back with tears in her eyes over meeting one of her favorite stars.

"She watches our show every day for inspiration and knows I've got lung cancer. She was so devastated that it was me and the beautiful woman who she was waiting on had terminal cancer. She suddenly recognized me as someone she anchored on every day on tv. You can not imagine... I told her honey don't cry it's all ok whatever the Lord's will it is how it's going to be."

Since revealing that her throat cancer has returned back in November -- and has since spread to her lungs -- Chapman has been vocal about her health struggles and has shared with her fans the ups and downs of living with the incurable disease. As The Inquisitr previously shared, the reality star has even started planning her own funeral to take the heavy burden off of her husband when the time comes.

In addition to working hard to track down bounty-skippers and putting in long hours for their highly anticipated show, Chapman frequently shares updates about her life and the Chapman family, who fans have been watching for years and have a strong connection to.

Earlier in the week, Chapman posed for a selfie with her stepson, Leland, and gushed about how proud she was of his abilities to track down a wanted man in Alabama. The duo smiled widely for the camera while sitting in the car to take a quick break from their duties, and Chapman shared that she had the best time shooting episodes and bounty hunting over the last two weeks with him.