Jenelle Evans Says She Hasn’t Tuned Into ‘Teen Mom 2’ This Season, Dramatic New Trailer For Next Week Revealed

Teen Mom 2 is airing new episodes from Season 9, and while most of the cast members join in for live tweeting during the episodes, Jenelle Evans says she hasn’t tuned in at all this season.

“Still haven’t watched one episode this season. #TeenMom2,” Jenelle tweeted on Thursday night.

Her Tweet comes after the official Teen Mom 2 Twitter account posted a preview for next week, touting it as the episode that “everyone will be talking about.” The preview for Monday night’s all-new episode shows the social media video posted by Jenelle last year, in which she sets a gift from castmate Kailyn Lowry on fire.

Prior to the video being shown, Kailyn is shown saying, “For her to act like this… I’ve done a lot for her over the years.”

Kailyn and Jenelle haven’t always been feuding. In fact, there was a time that the two got along. However, the drama between them has been unfolding for some time and came to a head when Jenelle set the gift on fire.

At the time the video was posted back in December, Kailyn spoke to Us Weekly and revealed she wasn’t too bothered by Jenelle’s actions saying, “I knew they would do this. I’m not upset at all.”

Kailyn actually used it to her advantage. Since the gift that Jenelle set fire to was products from Kailyn’s haircare line, Kail took the opportunity to offer a discount on her products if fans used the code “lit.”

At least one Teen Mom 2 cast member sided with Jenelle through all of the drama. According to InTouch Weekly, Briana DeJesus spoke to the outlet and explained why she understood where Jenelle was coming from.

“This isn’t my beef but I agree with what Jenelle did and completely get where she’s coming from. You can’t say sorry and try to make peace and then go talk s–t about Jenelle and her family.”

Of course, Briana and Kailyn haven’t exactly gotten along either. Briana was added to the cast of Teen Mom 2 in July 2017. Soon after, she started dating Kailyn’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin and that relationship played out on the show.

“Kail did the exact same thing to me — talked mad s–t for a long time and then tries to claim she wanted to make peace at the reunion only to try to provoke some sort of ridiculous fistfight,” Briana continued.

Briana didn’t make any excuses for her behavior at the reunion either, but did say that Kail has a way of “pushing people’s buttons.”

Recently, Jenelle went to Florida to film for Teen Mom 2 with Briana. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the two posted photos together.

With the new episode of the show getting ready to air Jenelle’s video, it is unclear if she will tune in for that episode or if she will continue to not watch. The episode will air Monday night on MTV.