Hailey Baldwin Reveals Why She Doesn’t Read Instagram Comments

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Hailey Baldwin Bieber has amassed a large following on Instagram with over 18 million people following her on the social media site. With that large following comes comments. Unfortunately, not all of the comments are always positive, and in a new interview with Cosmopolitan, Hailey opened up about how she handles the scrutiny.

“I’ve found that I got to a place where I don’t read the comments,” Hailey revealed. Of course, that doesn’t mean she has been able to completely tune it out. “You still care to a certain extent. You really have to train your brain to be like, ‘Okay, why do I even care? I don’t know these people, they don’t know me, they’re not a part of my life or my relationship.'”

This sounds like a pretty great way to handle the negativity that can happen on social media. Unfortunately, not everyone is always kind when leaving comments, and some can even be downright mean, something that Hailey pointed out.

“People can just be mean, and I feel like if you don’t want it to get to you, then don’t read it and allow it to affect your soul.”

Sometimes it isn’t enough to simply look away at what people are writing, though. Hailey also revealed that she has another way of handling the social media negativity and stress. She explained that there are times where she will delete her Instagram account for a few days.

“I’ve done that when I’ve felt like I really couldn’t handle what people were saying or it was like what I was looking at was unavoidable.”

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Social media negativity is something that everyone deals with, but Hailey Bieber has some sound advice for handling it.

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Hailey is married to Justin Bieber. The couple shocked fans when they married in a small courthouse ceremony last fall. The couple had announced their engagement in July, 2018, but fans didn’t expect a wedding announcement so soon after the engagement, especially since the couple had only been dating for a few months before announcing their engagement. Despite getting married seemingly quick, the two are very happy together.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the couple are “in a great place” while Justin is dealing with some personal issues. Although the couple are legally married, they are reportedly going to have a more formal wedding ceremony in the future, but they have put those plans on hold.