Jinger Duggar And Jeremy Vuolo’s Grandmother Had The Sweetest Reaction Meeting Felicity For First Time

The recent episode of TLC’s Counting On had Jinger Duggar Vuolo and husband Jeremy taking a trip to his grandparent’s house in New Jersey so they could meet Felicity for the first time. It was a special day of love and excitement for all of them, but nothing could compare to the joy that their baby girl brought to great-grandma Vuolo. She had the best reaction upon seeing Felicity on Monday’s night’s show.

The episode titled “To Grandmother’s House We Go” had a little bit of the other members of the Duggar family, but the highlight was focused on Jinger and Jeremy’s trip to Pennsylvania and New Jersey to visit with Jeremy’s side of the family. Felicity was just 4-months-old at the time but just as bright-eyed and happy as she is right now, as you can see from Jinger’s new Instagram post celebrating her daughter turning 8-months-old.

Fans are always commenting on how Felicity’s smiles make their day and grandma Vuolo experienced that firsthand during their visit. Jinger and Jeremy first paid a visit with his parents in their Pennsylvania home. They reminisced about when they shared with them a year ago that they were expecting their first grandchild. They then traveled to New Jersey to visit with the elder Vuolos.

As soon as they walked in the door, Ann Vuolo grabbed Felicity from Jeremy’s arms and that’s when the sweetness began. Her response to meeting the baby was that of joy, excitement, and even a little bit of silliness all mixed in.

Jeremy joked around that he was totally ignored once his grandma caught sight of the baby girl. He said that there wasn’t even any eye contact for at least the first five minutes. Ann Vuolo responded saying that it was true, and she had an explanation for ignoring her grandson.

“I knew I would get to him sooner or later. The baby was the important one.”

A previous episode of Counting On had grandma Vuolo just as excited to meet Jinger Duggar for the first time. She was so thrilled that her grandson finally found a girl to marry. Now Felicity has captured the hearts of her great-grandparents rather quickly, just as her mom did. She was smiling and happy the whole time she was being held by them.

Jinger revealed that Felicity is now crawling everywhere and trying to pull herself. She will have her first birthday in July. It’s sure to be a fun and special celebration.