DA Declines To Charge SF Giants CEO Larry Baer Over Altercation With Wife

Kelly Sullivan Getty Images

On March 1, Larry Baer, the CEO of the San Francisco Giants, got into an altercation with his wife that was captured on cell phone video. The footage displays Baer attempting to snatch a cell phone from his wife, Pam Baer. During the altercation, Pam Baer lost her balance and fell from her chair. As a result of the incident, Larry Baer has faced a variety of potential legal and league repercussions, so he took a leave of absence from his position.

On the afternoon of March 19, Larry Baer learned what his fate would be in the courtroom via an announcement from the San Francisco District Attorney. The district attorney decided not to press charges against Baer, so the Giants CEO will not be on trial over the incident.

“That is clearly the right decision based on the evidence, and we appreciate the thorough and professional investigation conducted by the police department and the district attorney,” Baer’s attorney, Cris Arguedas, said in a statement, according to ABC 7 News.

When the incident first occurred, police were called to the scene, and they interviewed witnesses. Since the altercation took place in a public park, others did see the argument. At one point, Pam even screamed for help when she was on the ground. Investigators spoke with Larry and Pam, and the couple had separate meetings with law enforcement.

Pam also came out to the public and defended her husband’s actions. She said the altercation was a spousal argument and that she wasn’t harmed. Pam made it clear that she still loves her husband, according to TMZ.

While it looks like Baer is can now feel relieved that no criminal charges will be filed against him, he still may face other consequences that may affect his position as CEO of the Giants. Baer has been employed by the Giants for decades and rose through the ranks to become CEO of the organization. In May 1996, he was named the chief operating officer. Following that, he became the team’s president in October 2008 and then finally CEO on January 1, 2012.

Since Baer is in a position of power for a Major League Baseball team, the league will conduct its own investigation into the incident. According to TMZ, the league can punish Baer even if the Giants’ CEO faces no criminal charges.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed hopes Baer faces some kind of penalty now that Baer will not be punished in court.

“While Mr. Baer has apologized and expressed remorse for his behavior, it does not excuse his actions and it does not erase what transpired. Mr. Baer’s actions were serious and wrong,” Breed said in the statement, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.