Jeff Lewis Dumped By New Love Three Days After Announcing Relationship

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Two months after ending his 10-year relationship with Gage Edwards, Flipping Out‘s Jeff Lewis should have been enjoying the honeymoon phase of a burgeoning relationship. Three days later, he found himself a single man instead.

Naturally, Lewis dealt with this premature uncoupling by recounting every detail to the audience of his SiriusXM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live. On Friday’s episode, Lewis revealed that after three dates, his new boyfriend dumped him after a nasty argument, reports People.

“I’ve got some bad news for everybody. The chiropractor dumped me last night,” Lewis said.

“I tried really hard to put that back together, but it just kept going on and on and on. But I apologized and I was accountable.”

Lewis’ date had apparently caught wind of the reality star’s show, as well as his ongoing account of his relationship with the man on his program.

On a previous episode of the radio show, Lewis freely revealed details about conversations and situations that transpired between the two, including the chiropractor making a rule on their second date that “anything romantic or sexual stays between us.”

Lewis detailed another incident where his date picked a restaurant that wasn’t to his liking. He explained that because of his desire to appear accommodating, he refrained from voicing his displeasure for fear of coming off as high maintenance.

Lewis said that the other man would need to fall in love with him before finding out his true nature. He added that in three months he would be “real Jeff,” but that at the moment, he was “fake Jeff.”

Though the Bravo star claimed the other man did not listen to the radio show, Lewis received a text from the man on Thursday with a link to a People story about his radio comments along with the message, “Nice article.”

The ensuing argument between the two apparently lasted for more than 24 hours. It ended on Friday morning with Lewis being dumped.

“He kept saying I was upset and I feel like the trust was broken,” Lewis said on Friday.

“He was like, ‘You should have just gone over these issues with me even before you talked about me on the radio.’ But I was thinking about that last night. If I’m talking about it before I talk about it on the radio, it feels like a dress rehearsal to me. I want to just be here and be present and talk about what’s on my mind without rehearsing it.”

Lewis claimed he took responsibility for talking about his relationship on the air. He and the chiropractor attempted a fourth date, but the level of trust between the pair was two badly fractured. The other man’s response to a follow-up outing was an impersonal “I’m not going to be able to make it tomorrow night.”

On Thursday’s episode, Lewis had predicted that he and the chiropractor would last, as he made the prediction that ex Gage Edwards’ relationship would “implode” in six months while he would “probably be married by then.”