'One Piece' Episode 876 Spoilers: Jinbe Bids Farewell To Luffy, Strawhat Pirates Escape Whole Cake Island

In the latest episode of One Piece, the Big Mom Pirates initially thought that they succeeded to destroy the Strawhat Pirates' ship, Thousand Sunny, after it received a direct hit from Queen Mama Chanter. Most of Emperor Big Mom's sons and daughters are already celebrating, but Big Mom Pirates sweet general Charlotte Smoothie became suspicious. It was later revealed that the ship burning in front of them belongs to the Sun Pirates.

Before the Thousand Sunny was hit by Queen Mama Chanter, Wadatsumi grabbed it and replaced it with their own ship. Aladine and the Sun Pirates have expressed their willingness to sacrifice everything, including their own lives, just to let their former captain, Jinbe, and the Strawhat Pirates escape safely from Whole Cake Island. Wadatsumi put the Thousand Sunny inside his mouth and tried to get as far away as he could, while Aladine and the Sun Pirates engaged in a full confrontation with the Big Mom Pirates.

However, before he got far, Charlotte Oven launched a powerful attack and hit Wadatsumi in the stomach, resulting in him to spit out the Thousand Sunny together with the Strawhat Pirates. After seeing the Strawhat Pirates, the Big Mom Pirates immediately attacked them with cannon balls, but Wadatsumi used his body to prevent the Thousand Sunny from taking any damage.

One Piece Episode 876 featured Jinbe's farewell to Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates. Seeing the Sun Pirates being overpowered by the Big Mom Pirates, Jinbe told Luffy about his plan to stay and fight alongside his former crew. Luffy refused at first and told Jinbe that they will also help them fight the Big Mom Pirates. Luffy later granted Jinbe's request. But as his new captain, Luffy ordered Jinbe to stay alive and meet him in the land of Wano. Before he jumped into the sea, Jinbe gave Nami a list of things they need to do in order to succeed with their mission to escape from Whole Cake Island.

One Piece Episode 876 revealed that when they are serious, the Fishmen have the ability to control the ocean currents. With the help of their incredible power, Jinbe and the Sun Pirates prevented the Big Mom Pirates from chasing the Thousand Sunny.

The latest episode of One Piece also showed Emperor Big Mom finally returning to her normal form after eating the wedding cake made by Vinsmoke Sanji, Charlotte Chiffon, and Charlotte Pudding. Charlotte Perospero told Emperor Big Mom everything that is happening at Whole Cake Island. Emperor Big Mom rode Perospero's candy wave and went to Cacao Island. Emperor Big Mom plans to deal with Luffy and the Strawhat Pirates by herself if they are still alive.