2020 Presidential Polls: Donald Trump Reportedly ‘Spooked’ By Joe Biden’s Strong Showing In Early Polls

Win McNameeGetty Images

The early 2020 presidential polls show that voters want Joe Biden to win the Democratic nod, and that reportedly has Donald Trump very worried.

As Politico reported, Trump has grown increasingly concerned that he will have a difficult re-election fight against the former vice president. The earliest polls for next year’s Democratic primary have Biden as the frontrunner, even though Biden has not yet officially entered the race. Biden is polling well with some key demographics, including black and Hispanic voters, and has led polls in key early states like South Carolina and Iowa. Biden has also been one of the strongest Democratic candidates in head-to-head polls against Trump.

The report noted that Donald Trump has frequently asked aides for updates on how Biden is polling, with concern that Biden will pull voters away from Trump in the states that Trump needs the most.

Some close to Trump have tried to reassure him that Democratic primary voters are ultimately “looking for someone newer, fresher,” the report noted. There was also an idea that Biden would be hurt by his more centrist voting history, including support for the controversial 1994 crime bill that ended up leading to mass incarceration and a heavy-handed approach to minority communities, the report added.

There may be some truth to the idea that Joe Biden is too much of a centrist to emerge from a crowded Democratic primary field. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Biden recently came under fire from a number of Democrats for his lukewarm defense of Vice President Mike Pence, saying he is a “decent guy.” Biden’s far from ringing endorsement was seized on by a number of other 2020 candidates, The Independent noted. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren said on MSNBC that she believes Pence is “not an honorable man,” and fellow Senator Kamala Harris from California called it “ridiculous” that Pence will not meet privately with any female members of his staff.


As the Politico report noted, some of Donald Trump’s close aides read that situation as Pence being too out of step with a Democratic base that is moving to the left. The fact that Biden was forced to walk back his tepid praise of Pence was “indicative of the fact that this guy is going to be so beholden to the left, if he can’t even make a simple statement about his successor without kowtowing a minute later,” the source told Politico.

While many believe he will run for president, Joe Biden has yet to give any official indication of what he plans to do.