March 17, 2019
'Vanderpump Rules' Cast Explains Why James Wasn't Wanted In Mexico

Last Monday's episode saw some major drama between the cast members of Bravo's hit reality series Vanderpump Rules. After Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz invited James Kennedy to the group's upcoming Mexico trip, the rest of the gang flipped out at the thought of enemy number one tagging along.

Katie Maloney-Schwartz famously "pulled rank" and told her husband that James was not allowed on the trip. Stassi Schroeder agreed with her friend, and inevitably, Sandoval had to uninvite the DJ while he was visiting his new bar, TomTom. James flipped out over the news, despite claiming to have been working on his anger issues. The employees of SUR are now explaining why they were so adamant that their former co-worker not join them in Mexico. Katie and Brittany Cartwright recently discussed it all on the Vanderpump Rules After Show.

According to the women, it wasn't just James's nasty mouth that made him get uninvited. Katie and Brittany adamantly said that James never hangs out with the group, and hinted they go months at a time without seeing him, and his inclusion on the trip made no sense at all. It appears as if the gang is only ever around James while they film their show and are not interested in having him along on group trips if he's really not a friend.

"He's never around. Why would be put ourselves through that," Brittany noted.

SUR owner Lisa Vanderpump sat down with the ladies and admitted she understood their feelings but said they had to understand that James was part of the equation, meaning he was a cast member on the show whether they liked it or not.

"He's a horrible person," Katie later commented.

The SUR-vers also said that the only member in the group who likes James is Tom Sandoval and that Ariana Madix doesn't like him despite the fact that her boyfriend does. James and his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss, only seem to get sympathy from the SUR bartenders during filming, but they might not get much one-on-one time with them when the cameras aren't rolling.

Later on the aftershow, Jax Taylor admitted he wouldn't normally care if James came on the trip, but now that he is an engaged man, he sticks by his fiancee's decisions and puts her feelings ahead of his own. Tom Schwartz realized he made a mistake by asking James to come along after he saw the reaction of the women on the cast and the men decided it wasn't worth it if all the ladies were going to be angry the whole trip.

Vanderpump Rules airs every Monday night at 9 p.m. ET.