‘Counting On’ Preview: Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo’s Cat Is Living It Up, Makes His Reality TV Debut


Counting On couple, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, has let Duggar fans inside their home to introduce the newest member of their growing family. In what appears to be a segment that was taped for one of the episodes, a small orange feline is shown that seems to have captured their hearts. Jake the cat has found a new home with the Vuolos and he is making his debut on reality TV.

A preview clip was recently shared on the official Counting On Facebook page revealing a few tidbits about how Jake came to live with Jinger, Jeremy, and Felicity. The Duggar son-in-law explained that they were out on a stroll with Felicity when this starving kitty followed them back to their home in Laredo, Texas. They seemed to have fallen in love with the orange cat and decided to adopt him.

Jinger explained that she had a cat named Jake when she was growing up in the Duggar household and that is where the name came from. Now she has another Jake to love. The feline seems to get along quite well with the family. Felicity looked like she’s quite fascinated with her new pet. Jeremy said that Jake made a good choice in choosing to find a home with them. He mentioned how well he is spoiled.

“He gets tuna weekly. He gets a bowl of milk on the weekend. Sometimes he gets chicken. I mean, he’s living it up, like good choice. He knew we were going to spoil him.”


Unfortunately, Jeremy revealed in the Counting On clip that he is allergic to pet dander. He had pets growing up, but they were of the hairless version such as bearded dragons, frogs, and even snakes. Jinger said that he gets a rash if he holds the cat for too long and his nose starts to run. It’s apparent that Jeremy really loves Jake, so he is willing to make that sacrifice to keep him.

In one of the interviews with the Duggar family about pets, Ben Seewald called Jinger and Jeremy cat people, but it doesn’t sound like anyone else in the family are much into felines. Jake was actually adopted last September. Jeremy introduced him as the new addition to their family along with a photo of Jake. Felicity was only three months old then.

You can watch more of Jake and his family Monday night’s on Counting On. Also, next week will see the Vuolos paying a visit with Jeremy’s grandparents. This will be their first time seeing Felicity. It is bound to be a sweet moment.