Facebook: Michigan Elder Made To Lie About Her Age

Elderly Michigan woman forced to lie about her age

An elderly Michigan woman was forced to lie about her age on Facebook.

Some of us have seen the limits Facebook puts on our profile choices, such as the inability to get creative when it comes to listing languages we speak fluently. Sadly, “gibberish” and “random mutterings” are not among the options.

The granddaughter of an elderly woman in Michigan faced a similar problem when trying to set her grandmother’s age on Facebook. Only she was trying to be honest. According to Fox News, Marguerite Joseph is 104 years old, which means she was born in 1908.

However, when her granddaughter Gail Marlow tried to set Marguerite Joseph’s age on Facebook, the system automatically changed 1908 to 1928, making her age a lie at 99 years old. There is nothing she can do about it. Facebook won’t allow her real age to be posted.

Marguerite Joseph is legally blind and has difficulty hearing, but her granddaughter Gail Marlow reads and replies to Facebook messages for her.

Unless Facebook can fix the glitch in their system, Marguerite Joseph is stuck at being 99 years old. According to the News Tribune, Gail Marlow attempted to contact Facebook administrators, but has received no response.

Perhaps Facebook should fix what’s wrong with their system before adding more apps or changing the privacy policy again. Myriad people on Facebook have been known to have to reset their privacy settings every time Facebook makes changes.

Marguerite Joseph and her granddaughter just want to be able to be honest about Marguerite’s age.

What do you think about elderly Marguerite Joseph having to lie about her real age on Facebook?