Reese Witherspoon Uses Instagram To Poke Fun At Baby Rumors

Every week there appear to be unsubstantiated rumors about one celebrity or another regarding baby news. The most recent victims are Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner, who are both reportedly expecting babies, according to the cover headline of one of the tabloids. Reese recently decided to take to Instagram to address the unsubstantiated rumor.

According to the cover of OK!, there are "baby bombshells" for Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner.

"Shock and joy for Hollywood BFFs," the headline continues.

While celebrities often chose to ignore such claims by tabloids, Witherspoon decided to poke fun at the statement by snapping a picture of the tabloid in question and posting it to her official Instagram account.

Tagging Jennifer Garner in the image, she then asked via Instagram, "Can we raise our imaginary babies together?"

Fans instantly chimed in, some offering to host baby showers for the pretend babies, or to act as godparents. Others just found the whole situation hilarious.

Gossip Cop looked further into the allegations of the celebrity pregnancies.

According to the article by OK!, while Reese Witherspoon is not yet pregnant, she sees having another baby a "top priority" this year. An unidentified source in the article states that Witherspoon misses having younger children and wants to have another girl "before it's too late."

However, as Gossip Cop points out, Witherspoon has a lot on her plate, professionally, at the moment. Currently, she is busy working on an untitled Apple TV series alongside Jennifer Aniston. She is also set to start production on Legally Blonde 3 once that wraps. So, it appears there isn't really room to fit in another baby, something which Witherspoon has now reinforced via her Instagram account.

But, what about Jennifer Garner?

Once again, Gossip Cop has looked further into the rumors.

According to the article by OK!, Garner is pregnant with boyfriend John Miller, the CEO of the Cali Group. It is also alleged that Miller recently proposed to Garner. Gossip Cop confirms that Entertainment Online has previously stated that while the couple is in a serious relationship, the couple is not engaged. In addition, Garner has gone on the record to say that she is not interested in having more children.

In 2013, she said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she was "done" with having children. While that was some time ago and things can change, with Witherspoon stating in her Instagram post that both she and Garner have "imaginary" babies, it seems like Jennifer has maintained her stance on the matter.