Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Anna Faces Alex And Is Left Rattled By Her Sister’s Antics

Michael YadaABC

Viewers have watched as Anna Devane has scrambled in recent episodes to get answers about the possible memory-switching in her past with sister Alex Marick. While she has learned valuable bits and pieces along the way, General Hospital spoilers indicate that in the coming weeks, she’ll finally face her sister to try to dig down to the truth.

Anna has tried to find out what memories she may have of Alex’s without involving her sister. Unfortunately, as this week came to an end, she acknowledged that she couldn’t avoid it any longer. According to the latest General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, the two women will face off in the days ahead.

Actress Finola Hughes will step back into the world of playing twins during the week of March 18. The last that viewers saw of Alex was in 2017, when she had managed to lock Anna away and take over her life. General Hospital spoilers reveal that when the two sisters connect again, Alex will admit that she was the one responsible for a WSB mission gone wrong years ago, one that Anna had felt haunted by for many years.

Viewers will see Alex impacted by the same virus that has caused blindness in the other twins impacted by the research project, but Finn will cure her as he did the others. As Finn is helping Alex, General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll do what she can to sabotage his relationship with Anna.

As this all plays out, Anna will end up telling Alexis that she’s going to hand her sister over to the WSB. General Hospital spoilers detail that Alex will try to get help from Valentin, but she’ll be surprised to find that he’s not going to step up to assist her. She’ll soon be shipped off, but she’ll torture her sister one more time before she’s gone.

General Hospital spoilers share that Alex will tell Anna something in terms of a clue that will leave Anna rattled. Is this headed where fans suspect it is?

It looks like this is another storyline that will take some twists and turns over the next couple of weeks. General Hospital spoilers tease that during the show airing on Thursday, March 28, Anna will admit to someone that “the worst is possible.”

Viewers suspect that it will eventually be revealed that Peter is really Alex’s biological son, not hers. The show teased via Twitter that this pursuit for the truth might ultimately lead to devastation for Anna and everybody is anxious for answers.

In fact, some fans are starting to wonder if the truth could be even more twisted than what people have speculated about Peter and Alex. Could Robin actually be Alex’s child instead of Anna’s?

Additional General Hospital spoilers about the twists and turns ahead should emerge in the next few days. Fans are definitely curious to see what Anna learns about this memory-switch project, and they’re bracing themselves for the chaos ahead.