Bernie Sanders Receives Stitches In His Head After Scary Bathroom Injury In South Carolina

As Democratic presidential campaign candidate Bernie Sanders was making his way through South Carolina, he reportedly hurt himself in a bathroom and required over half-a-dozen stitches. The U.S. Senator was seen with a big bandage over his left eye at a health care panel on Friday, and it was revealed that he actually had an incident that could have been a lot worse.

NBC New York reported that Sanders ended up with a total of seven stitches in his head, but he was also given a clean bill of health. Sanders went to a local walk-in clinic after he cut his head earlier in the day “on the edge of a glass shower door.”

The panel with patients and health care experts was at the International Association Local 1422 union hall in Charleston, South Carolina. During his time on the panel, Sanders didn’t choose to acknowledge or talk about his injury, or the rather large bandage on his head, but most everyone took notice.

There was only once or twice that he even made notice of it himself and that was when he would raise his hand to simply touch at the area around the stitches. Other than that, Sanders carried on as if nothing was wrong at all.

Sanders didn’t want the focus to be on him at the health care convention, despite the irony of his injury. South Carolina was not kind to him during the 2016 race, as he lost handily to Hillary Clinton in the primary, but he’s determined to win them over during this campaign.

It was just a month ago that he revealed he would again be running for president in the 2020 election. The Democratic nomination last went to Clinton, who eventually lost to Donald Trump in the presidential election.

During the panel on Friday, Sanders continued to speak for those that need insurance and against medical companies making billions without helping the people.

“We have a system in which insurance companies and drug companies make billions and yet you’ve got tens and tens of millions of Americans who cannot afford to go to the doctor. To me, that is pretty crazy stuff.”

Bernie Sanders’ injury is not going to stop him during his campaign across the United States. Last weekend, he was in New Hampshire where he is seen as a frontrunner for the Democratic party and today, he was in South Carolina. Obviously, his fall in the bathroom, which required stitches, didn’t keep him from attending today’s health care convention, and it won’t stop him from heading to Nevada for a rally on Saturday.