Ann Coulter Says Jared Kushner Can Be Indicted For ‘Buying’ His Harvard Admission Before Mueller Report

Rich PolkGetty Images

Conservative political pundit Ann Coulter says Jared Kushner can be indicted for “buying” his admission to Harvard before he gets indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to Newsweek.

Coulter’s tweet came on the heels of the House passing a resolution 420-0 to make the Mueller report public. Eight members of the Congress didn’t vote and four Republicans voted present, according to The Week, but no one voted against the resolution. The resolution flies in the face of Attorney General William Barr’s decision not to release the report so far, and although the resolution is non-binding, the overwhelming majority shows that even conservative lawmakers are keen to have the Mueller report see the light of day.

One of the fears for the Trump administration is that Jared Kushner, senior advisor to President Trump, might face indictment as a result of Mueller’s findings, but Coulter expects Kushner to be indicted before that.

“BLIND ITEM: Which top presidential advisor could be in hot water over his father buying his Harvard admission SOONER than he’ll be indicted by Mueller?”

Although Coulter didn’t mention Kushner by name, it was clear who she was referring to as she had earlier tweeted about Charles Kushner, Jared’s father, donating $2.5 million to Harvard to help his son get admission into the prestigious educational institute. Harvard, along with other top universities like Yale and Georgetown, has been found complicit in a multi-million dollar scandal wherein powerful Hollywood personalities and business magnates bought their children’s way into college.

“Boy, the price has gone up! Charles Kushner paid Harvard a mere $2.5 million to get Jared into Harvard,” Coulter had tweeted at the time the news of the scandal first broke.

Kushner’s admission into Harvard has come under increasing scrutiny after 50 people across six states, including Hollywood’s Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, were charged Tuesday in the largest college admissions bribery case the DOJ has ever prosecuted. Coulter seems to have taken her information from ProPublica editor Daniel Golden’s 2006 book, The Price of Admission, in which he noted how Charles Kushner had donated $2.5 million to Harvard shortly before his son, Jared, got accepted into the university. Golden mentions that Jared’s academic record didn’t merit acceptance.

The family has denied allegations Jared Kushner’s acceptance into Harvard had anything to do with the donation, however. A spokeswoman for the family real estate business Kushner Companies, Risa Heller, said links between Jared Kushner’s admission and his father’s donation were “false.”

“[Kushner’s parents] are enormously generous and have donated over $100 million to universities, hospitals, and other charitable causes,” Heller had said at the time.