Trump Impeachment Could Be Used By Allies To Help Increase His Chances Of Re-Election, ‘CNN’ Reports

Although House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently stated in an interview with The Washington Post that she does not believe President Donald Trump is worth impeaching, that doesn’t appear to have silenced the whispers suggesting that Trump could become only the third president to be subjected to impeachment proceedings in U.S. history. A new report, however, suggests that some of the president’s advisers believe a Democratic impeachment could actually be a good thing, as they see it as a tool to “galvanize” Republican voters to re-elect Trump in 2020.

In a report published on Wednesday, CNN cited three sources “close to the White House” and Trump’s campaign, who told the outlet that multiple Trump advisers see the prospect of impeachment as a chance to paint a picture of the president as a “victim of Washington politics and overzealous Democrats,” thus potentially convincing more of his supporters to vote for him next year. Since special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into accusations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials is expected to draw to a close soon, CNN predicted that the president could be “looking for a new boogeyman.”

In her Washington Post interview, Pelosi explained that she isn’t in favor of impeachment because of the strong possibility that such an action would be extremely “divisive” to the country. According to CNN, these remarks suggest that Pelosi, while not entirely discounting the possibility of impeachment, doesn’t want to agitate Trump’s supporters and distract them from more important issues regarding the president’s policies.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Trump was appreciative of Pelosi’s comments in a tweet he posted on Wednesday morning, though he suggested that the topic of impeachment is a non-starter, as he believes he “never did anything wrong” and should instead be recognized for his accomplishments in his first two years as president. Similarly, some of Trump’s allies, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, said that Pelosi was “smart” in opposing the idea of impeachment, as “there are no grounds” for such proceedings to take place.

Conversely, David Bossie, who had previously worked as Trump’s deputy campaign manager during his 2016 presidential campaign and continues to serve as an outside adviser, told CNN that Pelosi has “100 percent intent” of impeaching Trump, with her comments to The Washington Post allegedly being a form of misdirection.

Despite how CNN‘s sources hinted that Donald Trump’s potential impeachment could be instrumental in helping him get re-elected next year, the outlet pointed out that this is not a unanimous sentiment among the president’s allies.

One unnamed campaign adviser told CNN that it’s still too early to determine whether Trump would be able to benefit from impeachment proceedings, as the fact that the Mueller report has not yet been released makes it hard to predict what the Democrats could bring up as grounds for impeachment. This same adviser, however, warned that Democratic-led proceedings could turn out to be counterproductive in the event lawmakers try to impeach Trump based on something that isn’t generally considered a “serious enough offense.”

In addition, another Trump campaign official maintained that Republican voters wouldn’t need Trump to be impeached in order to be motivated to vote for him in the 2020 presidential election. As cited by CNN, the official insisted that Trump’s base is “energized” regardless whether he gets impeached or not.

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