‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kevin Faces Tough Questions From Laura And Cameron Faces The Music With His Mom

Craig SjodinABC

Numerous Port Charles residents are facing difficult questions during Wednesday’s episode. General Hospital spoilers tease that Kevin may finally have to come clean with Laura while Cameron knows that he’s about to get an earful from his mother Elizabeth. The March 13 show will also feature intense scenes involving Ava, questions for Shiloh, and a lot of additional Dawn of Day drama.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter reveals that Laura will initiate a complicated discussion with Kevin. Viewers have not missed the fact that up to this point, Kevin has avoided telling Laura the full truth about how long Ryan has been around. She has assumed that Ryan only showed up recently, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that the truth will prompt frustration and fury.

Laura will ask Kevin when he found out that Ryan was alive. Will Kevin be forthcoming in admitting that he had Ryan hidden and under his care for much longer than Laura presumed? Laura immediately embraced her husband when she found him, but learning he’d been hiding this for who knows how long may cause an estrangement that will be difficult to resolve.

Cameron and the rest of his teen crew are back in Port Charles, and Cam knows he’s in trouble. Elizabeth cut him some slack when talking to him on the phone while he was still in Niagara Falls, but now he’s got to face her in person. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Cam will ask how much trouble he’s in, and Liz may not even know how to answer that yet.

Viewers watched earlier this week as Elizabeth had some difficult and intense conversations with both Franco and Jordan over the plan they concocted. Will her anger with Franco perhaps lead her to go easy on Cam to an extent?

The Inquisitr has previously shared that Franco and Ava will have an intense conversation during Wednesday’s show, and she will come face-to-face with Kevin for the first time since learning the truth. She’ll initially think he’s Ryan, though, and for now, she’ll have to wait and see if she gets a chance to confront the real Ryan at some point.

There’s also quite a bit connected to Dawn of Day coming up during Wednesday’s episode. Harmony will confront Shiloh over their relationship, Sam will voice concerns about DOD to Jason, and Kristina will be hurt by Valerie’s questions about the group. In addition, General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps also share that Jason and Drew will have a discussion where they put together a number of connections.

People throughout Port Charles finally know about Ryan’s reign of terror, but General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s still a lot of chaos set to play out over the next few weeks. Fans are buzzing over these current storylines and cannot wait to see where things head next.