Maura West Teases ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers About What’s Next For Ava Jerome

Fans cannot wait to check out Monday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers have teased that Ava will survive the stunning fall off the footbridge that happened during Friday’s show and now actress Maura West is sharing some tantalizing tidbits about what’s next.

The new print edition of Soap Opera Digest shares the latest General Hospital spoilers about this storyline from West’s perspective. Fans have been anxious to see how her character of Ava would react when she learned the truth about “Kevin” and those scenes are finally on the horizon.

General Hospital spoilers confirm that Ava will survive the fall, but SOD teases that Ryan’s status may be more murky as the new week begins. Obviously, Ava will have a lot to try to sort through mentally given that she thought she was engaged to Kevin, thought he was supporting her through the loss of Kiki, and instead she was on the brink of marrying the man who took Kiki from her.

“Even after everything that happened on the bridge, she doesn’t know fully what to believe. She can’t believe it. She can’t bear it. When Laura first tells her she thinks, ‘That’s baloney. You’re crazy, lady.'”

Ava will initially think that Laura’s claims are mostly coming from a place where Laura is upset that she lost Kevin. However, Ava will soon come to understand that Laura’s telling the truth about the man she thought was Ryan.

Unfortunately, Ava will try to make herself believe that this switch just happened. If she can convince herself that it was Kevin she was with until heading to Niagara Falls, that will feel more bearable in her mind. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Laura will keep pushing on this front, forcing Ava to accept that she was never with Kevin.

“I mean, we all know Ava and can imagine how that would hit her. It hits her pretty hard! It’s beyond devastating.”

Soon Ava will get drunk and she’ll head to General Hospital hoping to find Ryan there. Based on General Hospital spoilers via She Knows Soaps, it sounds as if this likely happens during the episode airing on Thursday, March 14. Franco, who is still at GH recovering, will hear her making a scene and pull her into his room.

West says these are very powerful scenes between Ava and Franco, which is exactly what fans would expect from these two. From there, Ava will run into the real Kevin.

She’ll immediately assume that Kevin is Ryan and she’ll tear into him. Things will get heated, but General Hospital spoilers note that she’ll also be forced to face some painful tidbits of clarity. She’ll realize that not only did Ryan take Kiki from her, but that he slept with her for the first time right after that.

Plenty of General Hospital fans have been critical of this storyline and how long it’s taken to play out. What everybody can surely agree on, though, is that the upcoming scenes with Maura West will be incredible as she comes to grip with the truth of what Ryan’s done.

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