Jennifer Lawrence Re-Teams With ‘Silver Linings’ Director For Love Story

JLaw and David O. Russell

Jennifer Lawrence and Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell are re-teaming for a new romance film.

MSN reports that Lawrence will lead The Ends of the Earth, a romantic drama about an oil tycoon who loses everything over an affair. The film marks Russell’s third collaboration with Lawrence, as she is set to have a cameo in his next film which stars Silver Linings lead Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, and Amy Adams.

“She is the most dedicated person I know,” Russell said of casting Lawrence in The Ends of the Earth. “She is devoted to her family, and they have been the true inspiration for her character and integrity. Her acting is effortless, and she always makes it look easy.”

The new Russell/Lawrence collaboration reminds us of Deep Tiki, a long-planned Cameron Crowe film gaining traction in the film development sphere due to the acclaimed director’s collaboration with actress Emma Stone.

Though Deep Tiki was intended as a Ben Stiller/Reese Witherspoon film, the script has been re-worked for Stone, who will play a “youthful, brooding, protagonist” according to ScreenRant.

The male lead opposite Stone has yet to be cast, but the character he will play is described as a disgraced weapons consultant put on a Hawaii base who “starts to discover himself and the relationships he left behind against the backdrop of mythical island lore and Cold War-esque diplomacy.”

Silver Linings lead Bradley Cooper has reportedly been considered for the role.

What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence and Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell? Do they make a good team?