‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dominic Zamprogna Teases What’s Coming Up With Dante’s Return

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images for NATAS

This week, viewers will finally see Dominic Zamprogna back onscreen as Dante Falconeri. General Hospital spoilers hint that this may not be quite the same Dante who was last seen in Port Charles, and the actor has teased that the upcoming storyline is a great one.

The new issue of ABC Soaps in Depth shared some insight from Zamprogna. Dominic isn’t back long-term, but it sounds as if the door may be left open for additional appearances down the road. General Hospital spoilers reveal that everybody will see Dante interact with both Sonny and Lulu in particular, but so far, nothing terribly specific has emerged about how he exits again.

ABC Soaps in Depth also shares details from Zamprogna’s recent appearance on the podcast done by fellow GH stars Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson. During his stint on That’s Awesome with Steve and Bradford, Dom detailed that he had signed a 10-episode contract with the show for this return. As of the recording of the podcast, he had filmed six episodes and still had four more to go.

The actor joked that he doesn’t think the show even wants him back full-time. Rather, he quipped, he thinks they just want him around for two-week adventures here and there.

Burton noted that at the time he left, Zamprogna wasn’t feeling like he was an asset to the show. That doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise to fans who felt that Dom was not being utilized fully by the writers. Luckily, in this return, Dominic says he does feel like an asset now and it’s reminding him of his early days with the show.

Zamprogna says that he left General Hospital last year because it was what he needed to do for both himself and for his family. He has embraced several new opportunities, and he says he has no regrets in walking away from GH.

As the weekly sneak peek shared on Twitter shows, Sonny will get to see Dante at some point this week. General Hospital spoilers suggest that there will be a lot of action involving Dante packed into just 10 episodes, and fans are anxious to see what is ahead.

Obviously, viewers will be especially anxious to see Dante and Lulu together again. He was gone when she nearly lost her life due to Ryan’s attack and fans know that the phone calls they’d had in recent months tended to be strained. Will Dante essentially reunite with his wife just to end their marriage or will he exit with their relationship in a good place?

General Hospital spoilers tease that this will be an exciting return for the character of Dante, and it looks like it’ll get off to an explosive start. Fans are buzzing over what’s ahead, and can’t wait to see how it plays out over the next few weeks.