March 11, 2019
Reality Steve Admits 'Bachelor' Spoiler Mistake, Dismisses Criticism & Stands By Remaining Colton Teasers

Just a couple of hours remain in Colton Underwood's Bachelor season and spoilers hint that those final two hours will be wild. Spoiler guru Reality Steve has been breaking down teasers for months now about what he says happens, but on Monday night, he had to admit making one mistake. Despite that, he's standing by the rest of what he says happens and he's not beating himself up too much for that one mistake.

As viewers saw Monday night, Colton did break things off with both Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin as had been spoiled earlier. Underwood was shown talking with both ladies live on stage with Chris Harrison and the pre-taped segments showed how overwhelmed he was by Cassie Randolph's departure. At the very end of the March 11 episode, Underwood appeared to knock on the door of Randolph's hotel room as she was preparing to fly home.

Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers had said that Colton would chase Cassie back to her home in California to talk with her about giving their relationship a shot. The gossip king has said that Cassie and Colton are dating but not engaged and that there didn't seem to be a final rose ceremony.

As The Inquisitr shared earlier, spoilers from some show executives seemed to sync up pretty well with Reality Steve's teasers. They noted that the remaining portion of Underwood's journey would play out across two continents and they hinted that there wouldn't be an epic rose ceremony.

Once Monday's episode showed Colton seemingly heading to Cassie's hotel room and knocking on the door, Reality Steve took to Twitter. He acknowledged that now it seems Underwood didn't have to go all the way to California to plead with Randolph to give their romance another shot. Rather, it appears that this happens in Portugal.

While that is an error in Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers, if that is what comes next, it's not exactly a mistake that changes the ending in any significant way. The spoiler guru had previously said that he knew he had some gaps in the smaller details of what went down toward the end of this season, and most would say this missed detail isn't all that big a deal.

"Yes, I know him 'chasing' her didn't happen in CA like I reported. D*mn. Got a 99 on the test this season instead of 100. If you're gonna take the time to tweet that at me, save yourself the time. It's not worth it. Hope I don't need to explain how silly that seems."
Now it would seem that everybody can see what Colton referred to not long ago by insinuating that Reality Steve's spoilers were wrong. The Inquisitr noted that Underwood brought this up while on Kaitlyn Bristowe's Off the Vine podcast, but Reality Steve stuck by his teasers.

If that's the extent of how the gossip guru missed the mark, most fans would surely say it's a bit of a stretch for Underwood to say the spoilers were substantially wrong. Granted, viewers aren't entirely convinced there aren't additional twists and turns coming with Tuesday's finale, so it could end up that Reality Steve made other mistakes as well.

Is Cassie really behind that hotel room door? Reality Steve seems to be saying that she is, but there's clearly more in store for everybody in these final two hours. Will any of his other Bachelor spoilers be wrong? More scoop should emerge during the day on Tuesday and fans will be anxious to watch the last couple of hours to see exactly where things stand now for Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph.