‘The Challenge’ Star Cara Maria Sorbello Isn’t Happy With Her Storyline This Season

The Challenge: War of the Worlds marks the 33rd season for the popular MTV series, which has paired veterans with newcomers to form teams of two. Fans have agreed that this is one of the best seasons in a long time, as the challenges have become more complex and the show is less focused around drama.

One of the few storylines that are playing out this season is that of Cara Maria Sorbello’s relationship with Paulie Calafiore. Naturally, Cara’s ex, Kyle Christie, has caused some waves in the house engaging in several verbal altercations with Paulie. The two men almost came to blows in Final Reckoning last season, as well as in Episode 3 of War of the Worlds. The Cara/Paulie/Kyle drama is definitely the main storyline of the season, and as it turns out, Cara is not happy about that at all. The 13-time Challenge veteran recently shared her sentiments about her storyline on Twitter with her fans.

“And in conclusion. Im also not enjoying my overplayed story line. But its not my fault you are forced to see me and Paulie nonstop and have to miss out on actual fun challenge hook ups like ash/zahida and hunter/julia [shrugging emoji] wellp. Til next weds my friends!”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Cara had let fans in on a secret several episodes ago, revealing the hook up between Hunter Barfield and Julia Nolan. The romantic encounter was left on the cutting room floor, and now it appears as if Zahida Allen and Ashley Cain’s hookup was edited out as well.

Another competitor who has gotten thrown (or threw himself) into the drama between the three veterans is Zach Nichols. Despite being a friend of Cara’s, Zach has sided with Kyle in the whole scenario, even claiming that Cara is still in love with the Geordie Shore star.

Cara and Paulie’s relationship could be getting more airtime this season because of events that took place after War of the Worlds finished airing. The couple took a break from one another after Paulie’s ex, Danielle Maltby, revealed that the Big Brother alum had been two-timing both women. Since the breakup events back in December, Paulie and Cara worked things out and are back together. This will likely be a major topic of discussion at the upcoming War of the Worlds reunion.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.