Preview For Monday’s ‘Counting On’: Abbie Finds The Perfect Sparkly Wedding Dress

The next episode of TLC’s Counting On features more of the preparations for John Duggar and Abbie Burnett’s wedding. It’s a happy and busy time in the Duggar household anytime someone in the family is ready to walk down the aisle. Monday night is expected to be all about the wedding dress, as the blushing bride chooses one that catches her eye.

A short preview clip was shared by Extra TV that reveals more on the exciting event. The Duggar wedding designer, Ms. Renee, is back to help Abbie pick out her dream gown. The wedding dress guru usually gets some idea beforehand from the bride-to-be on the specific style of the dress that they envisioned themselves in on their special day. They get to choose what they want, and also what they don’t want, when it comes to their dream dress.

This episode of Counting On reveals that the one thing that Abbie wants for her dress is some sparkle, and Ms. Renee delivers. The one dress that Abbie loved was missing some sparkle, despite loving everything else about it. Ms. Renee came up with a clever plan to bring in an extra layer of the skirt material that had plenty of sparkle to go around. Once it was attached, you could tell this was the one. It was the perfect solution to grant the bride her wish.

Before the women arrived to the Duggar guest house for the dress fitting, Jana was busy designing the pop-up dress shop. Of course, she enlisted lots of help from her siblings. The clip that was posted on TLC’s Facebook page had the crew trying to set up the huge mirror on the wall. As Jessa said, there seems to be a bit of chaos when everyone wants to chip in with their opinions. They were all trying to give Jana some help in figuring things out, but it looked like she was in the zone and had her own ideas.

Jana wasn’t just barking out orders either. She got right in there with the saw in-hand, cutting the wood that they needed for their special project. She seems to be a Jack of all trades and heads up plenty of projects in the Duggar house.

John and Abbie were wed on November 3, 2018, and appear to be very happy together. Fans have noticed how much the Duggar son smiles these days with his wife by his side. The lovebirds spent some time in Finland on their honeymoon, enjoying the cold weather and snow.

This episode of Counting On will air on Monday, March 11, at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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