Julia Carter Is Disheartened By Lack Of Screen Time As One Of Two Black ‘Survivor’ Castaways

Robert VoetsCBS Entertainment

Julia Carter is the name of a member of the Kama tribe on Survivor: Edge of Extinction. The 24-year-old hails from Pennsylvania and she isn’t a castaway that most viewers, even those who’ve watched every episode of Season 38, recognize right off the bat.

According to a Twitter profile called Rob’s Fact Checker, only 20 of the 570 Survivor castaways did not have a confessional within the first three episodes of the CBS reality TV series. This works out to being less then 3 percent of all previous castaways.

The young castaway took to Twitter a few days ago to open up about feeling disheartened by her lack of screen time as one of the only two black castaways this season.

“As Jeff Probst said, I went on #Survivor knowing I may be a role model & inspire someone to play despite NOT fitting the archetype. Therefore, in S38, in which there are only 2 Black castaways, it’s disheartening to see the lack of equitable airtime defeating my goal,” Carter explained on Twitter.

A Twitter user responded to Rob’s Fact Checker’s Twitter post, telling people they needed to “relax” because the Kama tribe has won all of the immunity challenges thus far and there has been “no strategic gameplay surrounding her [Julia]” and there was no reason for her to have a confessional.

In a separate Twitter post, Carter did acknowledge that there was still a lot of Season 38 left to play and her tribe performing so well was part of the reason for her lack of screen time.

The Kama TribeFeatured image credit: Robert VoetsCBS Entertainment

Nearly 600 people have taken the time to stop and comment on Julia’s post hoping for more screen time as Season 38 continues to progress. The Kama tribe member was met with pretty mixed feedback, as many reminded her, it was extremely common for the winners to get limited screen time compared to the losing tribe.

One Twitter user criticized the editing team of the reality series, saying that he didn’t understand why they couldn’t find a way to edit the episode to include a little screen time for all 18 castaways when the Australian version of Survivor was able to make equal screen time for 22 castaways.

A separate Twitter user noted the race card couldn’t be played because there were three huge black players just last season that had tons of screen time.

A Twitter post by another user reveals Julia is the only castaway that hasn’t had a confessional this season. All other castaways have had two – or more – confessionals thus far.

New episodes of Survivor: Edge of Extinction air every Wednesday night on CBS.