WWE News: Journalist Questions Roman Reigns Regarding The Truth About His Cancer And Treatment

In October of last year, Roman Reigns revealed that his Leukemia had returned and that he would be taking time away from WWE and the ring to battle it. Four months later, he made his return to Monday Night Raw and announced he was in remission. Now, there are always going to be those who take things in wrestling into question, but one reporter has spoken out and is actually alleging that Reigns is actually not telling the truth about his cancer.

As many people know, there are various stages of cancer as well as different forms of it. There are also different forms of treatment ranging from pills all the way up to more serious forms of radiation and chemotherapy.

Longtime wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer was speaking of Reigns’ Leukemia battle recently and brought up the fact that the WWE superstars returned so quickly. His comments were presented online by Pro Wrestling Sheet‘s Ryan Satin, and his words are quite controversial and doubting that Reigns is telling the truth about his illness.

“It is serious, you know… there was an NHL player that had the same thing he (Reigns) had in the 2007 season who did not miss one game. He played every game while on this, and hockey is a pretty damned demanding sport. So, everyone’s different, you know, and he didn’t take…he actually said the pill was…um… oral chemotherapy, but it really, I don’t think it was.”

The Shield on "Monday Night Raw"

When mentioning “the pill,” Meltzer is speaking of the treatment that Reigns was on for his Leukemia. He continued on and explained a bit more about what he meant.

“The pill that I was talking about, and it’s a new pill which is what he said…he didn’t give the name of it like I said. But, um, you know… the treatment for this isn’t usually not chemotherapy or radiation.”

As soon as his words hit the airwaves, a number of people on social media began speaking out against Meltzer and his doubt in Reigns’ cancer treatment.

There are a lot of things that aren’t actually true in professional wrestling and that includes some very borderline disrespectful storylines. In the case of Roman Reigns and his battle with Leukemia, it has nothing to do with WWE, storylines, angles, or any kind of plot on a weekly TV show.

After Meltzer’s comments hit Twitter, one user reached out to Leukemia Care and wondered if they would like to provide more information for the journalist.

Meltzer responded to a number of tweets aimed at him that said he was “bashing” Roman Reigns and making light of his cancer battle. Meltzer made sure to let everyone know that he has done his research on CML and what Reigns is going through.

Roman Reigns does indeed have Leukemia and it is currently in remission. That is not some kind of WWE storyline or angle that is being done for television or ratings. Dave Meltzer did make his comments, but he is stating that all he said is people treat it differently. Some confusion has come about and things have been taken slightly out of context at times, but people are making sure to clear it up.