A Few Seemingly Harmless Paparazzi Photos May Have Spoiled The Ending Of ‘The Bachelor’

On the previous episode of The Bachelor, Colton Underwood famously jumped a fence to escape producers after an emotional breakup with Cassie Randolph. Prior to Cassie going home, he had told her she was the only one of the women that he saw a future with and knew he was in love with her. Nevertheless, Cassie didn’t feel she was at his level yet emotionally and was unsure whether she’d be able to get there in the short amount of time the show allows. Colton still has two women left to decide between, Tayshia and Hannah. Still, fans believe he may not end up choosing either one. Seemingly harmless paparazzi photos of Colton going to the gym may have spoiled the end of the entire show, according to Cinema Blend.

The pictures are seemingly casual if not mundane. Colton smiles while heading off to the gym with actor Gregg Sulkin at his side. At first glance they don’t seem to reveal much. However, knowing fans quickly pointed out that Gregg is currently dating Michelle, Cassie’s sister. It would of course be unlikely for Colton to associate with or even know Gregg at all without this connection.

Celebrity and entertainment blogger Steve Carbone, otherwise known as Reality Steve, has predicted that Colton will end up with Cassie since the beginning. For weeks, it seemed that he was on the right track with his hypothesis. Fans could agree that Colton seemed to have a very strong connection with Cassie, setting her apart as a front runner. After last week’s episode, however, it certainly didn’t look like Colton was going to ever get the happy ending he was looking for with Cassie.

Despite Colton expressing his love for Cassie numerous times, she was hesitant to say it back. The drama was escalated when her father traveled all the way to Portugal to visit her in her hotel room. He encouraged her to explain to Colton where she was at and inform him that she simply didn’t reciprocate his feelings. By the time her dad left, Cassie seemed to have her mind made up to break up with Colton that night.

Former bachelor Ben Higgins called out Cassie for waiting so long to send herself home, according to Entertainment Tonight.

If she would have just told Colton, ‘This isn’t going to work, we’re not meant for each other,’ then Colton just has to say goodbye. He’s getting broken up with, and he can’t beg and he can’t scream for more.”

Fans will have to wait for Monday to see how all the drama plays out in the final episode.