Lady Gaga Can't Move On From 'A Star Is Born,' As Bradley Cooper Is Ready To 'Drop The Act,' Per 'Us'

Amanda Lynne

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's film, A Star Is Born, has been huge for both of their careers. The movie marked Gaga's first film role, and Cooper's directorial debut. In addition, it earned them a ton of awards and nominations.

However, it seems that Lady Gaga may not be ready to leave her A Star Is Born role, or her co-star, Bradley Cooper, behind. Us Weekly reports that the singer is having a hard time moving on from the role.

"Gaga and Bradley have insane chemistry and really got into their roles when filming," an insider told the magazine, adding that Cooper is ready to "drop the act" now that awards season is over, but that Gaga "has a harder time letting go and feels things very deeply."

Gaga and Cooper had been making headlines for weeks now about a possible romantic connection. However, it wasn't until their performance of "Shallow" at the 2019 Oscars that fans, including other celebrities, began to speak out on the heat and chemistry that seemed to be radiating between the co-stars.

However, Gaga spoke out saying that she and Bradley were acting and that fans saw love between them on stage, because that is what they wanted them to see.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, sources tell Page Six that Bradley Cooper wanted Lady Gaga to fall in love with him while filming A Star Is Born so that their on-screen chemistry would be very believable.

"Hollywood is buzzing that Gaga fell for Bradley during pre-production and filming, creating the intense emotional energy you see on-screen and at the Oscars," an insider stated, adding that Gaga is very "vulnerable," and revealing that Cooper "wanted an authentic love story on-screen."

As fans will remember, Bradley had major chemistry with actress Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook, and then went on to star in three more films with her, including American Hustle, Joy, and Serena.

Fans can watch Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star Is Born, which is currently available on DVD/Blu-ray and digital.