Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Could Star In A Second Movie Together

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have stolen the hearts of fans with their portrayal of characters Ally and Jackson in A Star Is Born, and after their steamy 2019 Oscars performance, fans can’t seem to get enough of the co-stars.

According to E! News, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper fans are sad to see awards season coming to an end because they might not see the pair together anymore. Gaga is so busy with her budding acting career and illustrious music career that who knows if she’ll have time to pal around with Cooper, who is a busy actor, director, and father.

However, fans have been vocal about wanting to see the duo team up again in the future for a second film, which could happen, according to both Gaga and Cooper.

When asked if he would like to work with Gaga again, Cooper replied, “I’d love to. Oh my god, yeah. I’d just have to…write something worthy of her,” Bradley said while seemingly holding his co-star in the highest regard.

Meanwhile, Gaga has already stated she’d be very open to working with Cooper again in the future, also gushing over the actor in the process.

“Bradley, I am convinced, will be making many future films and brilliant ones. I would of course be very happy and lucky to be working with him again. But, you know, the truth is, he’s my friend and I want him to create the art and cast the actresses and cast the cast the way that he wants,” the singer stated back in January, according to Deadline.

Cheat Sheet reports that it doesn’t seem that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have any immediate plans to work together again. They’ve both been very busy promoting and accepting awards for A Star Is Born. In addition, Gaga is locked into her residency in Las Vegas until the end of 2019.

Meanwhile, Cooper has a busy schedule as well. He’s set to star in the World War II drama Atlantic Wall, and he’ll reportedly star in and direct Bernstein, a biopic about American composer Leonard Bernstein.

As many fans will remember, Bradley Cooper and actress Jennifer Lawrence shared rare chemistry together during their first film, Silver Linings Playbook, and went on to star in three more films together, American Hustle, Joy, and Serena.

Perhaps Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga will do the same when it comes to the future of their movie careers.

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